Best way to get to OP8(?)

as a level 72 with 72 gear starting to unlock OP levels, would it make more sense to just try and do all of the OP level unlocking with the current 72 gear, or go and spend the time to go and get new level gear for each OP level unlocked? it seems like it would take a while to have to go and get new gear for every next Digistruct Peak level.

You can probably make it with 72 gear, depending on what it is, I guess. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt to go farm some gear half way through just too give you that extra umph.

What system are you on?

xbox one. I just did my first digistruct run today with my melee zero, and what i’ve been using is inflammable love thumper, legendary ninja mod, +41.8% cooldown rate relic, chain lighning, and I merge 3 rapiers into a slag evisceration rubi. though it may be smarter to include a rocket launcher in a slot in case I go down because when i go down I usually die unless something is close enough to melee.

You should be fine then. That sounds good enough since most of that stuff won’t change with levels, they’re more for their utility then their numbers.

The only thing that might give melee Zero pause is the super badass surveyors. Get yourself an at level shock weapon to take down their shields and a good corrosive weapon to deal with them once their shields are down. I love Butchers- their rate of fire for a shotgun is great and a corrosive one makes the job of killing surveyors even easier. Also, a shock proof shield is a must- farm for a The Transformer shield (or go to the trading section and ask for one). Even at OP8 my level 72 Transformer could take a hit or two from a super badass but an at level one would be much better. Depending on what it is I’d say your level 72 gear should last until about OP4 at least but things like relics and slag grenade mods will still be just as effective…