Best way to ignite myself for Elemental Projector?

what is the preferred way of setting yourself on fire to make use of the elemental projector relic? I’m guessing some low level grenade mod or weapon, but I’m not sure what the best option is. Any ideas?

The Sellout legendary that you get from a sidequest of the same name on Eden 6 is fantastic for it.

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I think one of the COV legendaries will actually set you on fire if you keep shooting it while its overheated.

That would be the Krieg-referenced ar, Pain is Power.

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Also the minigun-like Embrace The Pain. Also from COV

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Could also find a low level explodes-on-impact grenade of the needed element. Just chuck it at your feet and you should be good to go.

Low level Sellout pistol.

Before they nerfed it you could reliably do it on Mayhem 3 when the reflect modifier rolled using just about any fire weapon :stuck_out_tongue: