Best way to keep SNTNL up?

I mean, I have Seeing Dead, 1 point in Good Misfortune-might do a second-probably doing 5 points in Borrowed Time, got 3 points in Adrenaline, and Topped Off. Is that about as good as it gets barring Cooldown on a relic, etc? I guess having a sub 10 second cooldown at worst isn’t bad?

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Just use a high firerate weapon and it’ll stay up constantly, or spawn the clone in with one. Other than that, you could try using recurring hex grenades with drone delivery


Fair enough, I’ve not hit 50 yet, so I’m just looking for ideas. Farming Graveward right now, using a fire Rowans Call so I can just fire for a long time, though I notice my Maggie procs it more prob due to the high pellet count. Of course, then the kicker is going to be finding level 50 weapons I wanna use with the SNTNL cryo damage bonus.

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Use Brainstormer shotgun it’s the best for that. Also Banjo artifact + Redistributor or other high fire rate gun.

Oh, I’d love a Banjo. Spent about 2 hours the other day trying to get one-nada.

If you have a dictator it works great as well, just have it in bipod mode and rip a clip into grave to refresh your kill skill and action skills and then back to whatever your best grave killer weapon is… but like others have stated high fire rate will help keep you topped up!

A Calm Cool Collected build is still an effective way to keep your action skills up even in the age of the new com.

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True, just I like to hedge my bets. So I don’t necessarily have to make sure everything is cryo damage. Though I will admit, I have a Night Hawking waiting that is brutal. Somehow it does 3x shots for one ammo.

CCC doesn’t require cryo weapons. All you need to do is max out Zane’s Brain Freeze skill and consistently land head shots, preferably with a high fire rate or multi pellet weapon.

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That is true. Bleh…what I wouldn’t give for a few more skill points.