Best way to level up in UVHM?

I want to level up my Krieg from 50, for now Im going throught the DLCs of the game. got any advices on how to level up?

If you can suggest a good build for that too.


story missions and side missions.

On UVHM or the one before?

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you’re 50, and about to hit the cap for two skilltrees (57)
check the psycho builds master compilation :smiley:

an i would start doing UVHM now, you’ll be 70-72 by finishing main story + sidequests

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For me, the moment I hit UVHM ( because I like to level up quickly )

From Claptrap’s Place Fast Travel, right after “My First Gun Mission” I do the following:

  • Fast Travel to DigiStruct Peak and do the first mission. No combat just XP.
  • Fast Travel to Marcus’s Merc Day and knock the story missions out. This unlocks the boss and the train, both which can be farmed for XP & Loot as you level up. This place will also set you up money wise and is easy Eridium farming as well.
  • Fast Travel to Unassuming Docks and play the story up until I either unlock the Grog Nozzle or at least until after the White Knight, so that character & the Swordsplosion mission ( “Sword in the Stoner”) is available in town. THIS is probably my fav gun in the whole DLC, and certainly a fav in game. Powerful, and even an underleveled version still destroys enemies. I DON’T accept the mission for the Swordsplosion, yet…just like it available for when I need to.
  • Fast Travel to Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage and play until I unlock Pyro Pete’s bar for farming.
    This is certainly one of the quickest way to level up a character and get Torgue Tokens in the process. If you have a Norfleet, you can end these enemies in about a min and a half, but a good Topneaa will do much the same w/ less ammo consumption and a bit more work. Even if you fail, get killed, etc… so much XP in the bar it’s worth it.

Sometimes I also go to Hammerlock just to mix it up and at least open up the Seraph Vendor which is helpful if you have crystals. If not, don’t worry about the vendors yet. This is rare. Other than farming for two pieces of gear, I pretty much leave Hammerlock alone ( but that’s me ).

THEN, I start playing the story again, finishing all side missions that do NOT offer unique mission rewards that I want to save until later levels.

Also, the greatest thing about UVHM is the fact that you can reset your playthroughs and DLC’s at anytime so if you need to level up that favorite gear…boooosh! Easy Peasy.

That was probably too much typing. :wink:

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Thank you so much, I’ll try it out.

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No problem. Hope any of that helps