Best Way to Level Up Melee Athena?


I don’t have an Athena on my PS4 so I figured I’d get one leveled up. When I played on my 360 I went down the phalanx tree first and then ceraunic storm, so I don’t have any experience going down her xiphos tree.

I leveled her up to about level 15 before respecing as it was so painful trying to melee enemies flying away and around and everything. I went for Clarity of purpose and mercurial to try to tank her up but even then I was dying too much.

So my question is: is there any way to enjoy leveling her up as a melee or should I just level her up in phalanx and switch over with some good melee gear?

Note: I even had the melee oz kit and a big thumprr I found in a vending machine and neither really helped me do the same damage as the guns I have now do


Basically, you need to get to at least Level 25 to get Blood Rush and Bloodlust, allowing you to deal more damage and being way harder to kill. When you can, get the Probe and the Excalibastard as well, both will really help you.
When you have these skills, you’ll see how fun meleeing with Athena is.

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