Best Way to level

What’s the best way to level? Is it to just play through the story, or is there a quicker way?

you have to play through the story twice to access TVHM maliwan takedown

so while there are probably faster ways of leveling - you pretty much have to complete the tvhm story anyway to access endgame content. And youll easily get 50 along the way. Skip all sidequests and just ignore enemies whenever possible.

Doesnt take all that long.

I tried to use a friend’s account. After logging in. Let the characters in my account join the split-screen game. Then keep killing the boss … you can not only harvest various items. The upgrade efficiency is also relatively fast. Maybe you can try (even new characters who do n’t start story mode can join split screen mode) :sweat_smile:

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Circle of slaughters, recommend the COV one,
Or scraptrap farming.

Also have the game in coopitition not cooperative. Coopitition gives the xp of the highest level in the game.

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If you have the Jackpot DLC just go to claptrap nest and kill everybody, no need to go main menu and reenter to respawn. Just go to the edge of the cargo thing and they respawn.
If you had a friend/account with a max level, just wait outside while he level you up. It would take like 2 hours top for reaching max level.

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play the borderlands science mini game in tannis’ lab on sanctuary. If you get enough credits you can purchase a buff for 10% XP for like 2 hours. do some of the slaughter rounds and you’ll level up quick


just do the story misions… people tend to forget those things give you a shitton of XP for completion…

mobs not so much… or bossfarming but you’ll be better off just finishing misions/quests

every VH i played was 50 by the time i got to TVHM sanctuary…

You don’t have to do the TVHM story for end game content. All of the Mayhem modes and Maliwan Takedown become available when you finish the story in normal mode. I see no reason to go through the story again in TVHM.


yea but then you cant play them in TVHM?! soooo…

edit: also if someone can tell me why the reply function doesnt show up in my post when i click reply on someones post id really appreciate it

And? TVHM doesn’t seem to really do anything for you over normal Mayhem levels.

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i havent tested it - but i would assume it comes with usual health/damage something increases?

also isnt matchmaking for tvhm seperate from regular?

would love to see a source if you got one - cba to test it rn ~.~

forbes says this:
2. There is a higher percentage of badass and Anointed enemies in this mode, meaning fights are generally going to be tougher, and the game wastes no time throwing endgame enemies at you early on.

which sounds good enough of a reason for me but its not exactly an official statement

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I haven’t done any testing but I imagine that someone has since the game’s been out for quite a while.

AFAIK, it is just slightly tougher enemies, which I don’t really care about. Normal Mayhem is good enough for me.

For me, I just don’t have any desire to play through the whole story a second time on each character.

You’ll want to level up via the main story to the point where you’ve unlocked all of the slots (all 4 guns, class mod and Eridian artifact). After that, I’d agree with much of the advice in the thread.

There are also some nice things (like Mayhem level) that you can only get by completing the story.

So whether it is the best way or not to level up, I’d say it’s worth finishing the main story (with no side quests needed) just to get all the goodies you’re going to want at max level anyway.


If you can kill graveward quickly on M4 or at least M3 it won’t take long. Especially if you have the moxxi xp artifact.