Best way to money up a mule (local account)

I want to make a local mule on a non psn account so I can use it (and it’s bank) for storage, transferring gear in split screen.

Obviously can’t mail items to it to sell for cash.

What would be the most efficient way to money it up? Would I money farm in split screen with my main character?

Any help appreciated.

I run through the first area in Jack’s dlc hitting all the slots. You can accumulate quite a bit.

I’m gonna want enough to max out the bank and the backpack, many millions for the mule.

When playing split-screen co-op, is the money shared equally or does the lower level character get less?

I can get over 8 mil a run but saw a farm from the thieving jabbers in ambermire.

I use a loot relic and melt graveward on M3 while offline. The relic applies to the gold for the split screened character as well. Got 20+ mil in about a half hour.

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While on the mule I want to increase the backpack space on, I take out the stuff saved in the Lost Loot thing from a L50 character (so L50 gear) and sell it. You could also make a habit of putting L50 stuff you don’t use in the bank just for the purpose of having a mule sell it (like, putting non-Anointed stuff in there that’s not too hard to differentiate from the good stuff).

I want my mule on a separate local account . I don’t think it would have access to my main account’s lost loot.

Styles idea is good. I just load up on valuable gear while farming Gravy with my main at 50 and then drop it for my mule to sell. Takes some time for sure. I’ve got 4 mules at 120 bank space so far with maxed backpack.

This is unclear? Are you on the PS4? Then any alt account you make for mule purposes is a legit PSN account (you just need some throw-away or alt email account to create it). I even ran the story together with 2 Fl4ks, split screen (main & alt) 'cause I wanted one TVHM character on my alt account (for power-level purposes & to hold Rack Attack gear). As for money, well, I just pass off funds whenever I have over 2 million or so on a main character. (I did get tons of money though, back when offline Mayhem was crazy generous.)


Doh. Guess I need to learn how to read. :thinking:

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Spend your eridium in the Fabricator and sell 300 guns

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don’t even need splitscreen running. load up on cash with your main, then load splitscreen
and trade 100 million for 1 dollar with your mule.

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Can you explain how I trade money please? I wasn’t aware you could trade cash, only items. Does it work with eridium too?

Second controller and a second account. Run that player to Sanctuary and now you have an extra 300 space storage unit. I also have about ten unused characters on the second account that are all maxed out on cash and items.

Yes, I know that bit. 300 bank spaces is rather a lot of money, and just running my 2nd account mule to sanctuary won’t bag me enough cash to upgrade the sdus.

Therefore I need an efficient way to give that mule $80mil or so from my main characters.

In the trade screen… the large group of 0’s is cash, can select it, choose the amount and trade… they dont have to send anything back

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Did not know that. Excellent help, thanks :slight_smile:

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Ive got about 85 million stored on various mules for the next storage increase; i try not to have more than 2-3 on my actual characters - but judging by how the last sdu was 12.5m , i wont have nearly enough yet

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Also if you are using split screen you don’t need to run the mules to sanctuary. You can load in your main character there and create new characters on sanctuary with player 2. Granted they won’t have access to sanctuary if you load them in as host (player 1).

Edit: The thieving jabber barrels and a level 1 weapon are great for maxing money. You can find several of them at the beginning of the trial of instinct. Cheesy way to do it tho.

I’ve created a psn account for the mule and am going as far as sanctuary so I have access to the sdu upgrades and the bank.

Will use the mail system to transfer gear.