Best way to obtain best loot?

What is the best way to obtain the best loot?

Farm online or offline?

Normal mode or TVHM?

Offline pre-patch is likely the best way.

Offline def has the higher drops, there is however to be noted some speculation on class mods dropping in the offline mod I can not confirm or deny as I mainly always play online unless the game actually doesn’t apply the hotfix when I sign in which happens from time to time until you pause for the first time which I always just take the time to reload and apply personally.

Offline no patch mayhem 3. If you want to farm online probably graveward or slaughter shaft mayhem 3

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Like everyone else has said offline mode against your boss of preference.

However, in online mode I would probably avoid Graveward unless that’s the only boss you can deal with as it seems like he’s stingier than other bosses. Troy has been decent for me, usually dropping 1-4 legendaries each kill but is obviously slower because of his invulnerability during phases, same with Tyreen and the Rampager. But they drop more for me than Graveward does typically.

I’ve tried a few methods and thus far, Graveward offline seems to be the fastest.

Best way is to go offline and search the jakobs states for loot tinks but it’s game breaking
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Legit farm : Graveward , Captain traunt , solo slaughter shaft ,rare event and luck