Best way to play through TPS?

Sorry if this question has been posted somewhere, I couldn’t find it.

I finished NVHM with Nisha. Once I heard about Aurelia, I decided to main her instead and am just about to finish the first play-through with her. I’m not sure what is the best way to proceed after I complete the first play-through.

In your opinion, what is the best way to play through TPS?

Do you play straight through from NVHM to UVHM then play Holodome (and soon to be released Clappy DLC)?
Or do you play through DLC campaigns after each play-through?

I would love to hear what choices other players make and why.

For Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel, I just casually go through the NVHM and TVHM main campaigns as reasonably fast as I can. Deviating sometimes to do sidequests just for experience. I just like to rush through NVHM and TVHM just because if I try to do the DLC’s or anything extra, I’ll end up way too overlevelled for stuff, and so everything is unrewarding and boring.

Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode is the only place where everything levels to me. So I rush to get to UVHM first, THEN I can just do whatever I want. I usually end up doing DLCs on UVHM first because the main story is a bit stale after two straight playthroughs.


My favorite way (did it in BL1, BL2, TPS, and I’m sure I will going forward): the first character I choose has the “simplest” skill set, and I ease my way into the game to soak in the (still unspoiled) story and get a feel for the game mechanics. The second run will be where I do the bulk of my exploring. After that, the focus is largely on trying new builds and going on hunter killer missions, where I consume random maps from top to bottom (everything dies, easter eggs are visited, every corner is visited, chests are checked: whatever the map has to offer is taken). I don’t think this is for everyone though. I wouldn’t say this was the best though - that’s a matter of opinion.

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Well, I wanted to get the platinum trophy for the game & one requirement was to complete all 60 side missions. Additionally, one has to play the 4 original characters to a certain point (example – get 100 kills with Wolf). So I tried out all four characters in normal and it seemed too easy for doing the side missions so I went through TVHM with Wilhelm, doing all the side missions. Claptrap’s trophy took me the longest – you’ve got to get at least to around level 24 (took me 'til 32), Eventually I took all 6 characters through UVHM & my strategy is: run story missions only (power level using the Guardian mission in UVHM if story difficulty jumps too much (e.g, mission’s level 48 & I’m 44).

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Thanks everybody for your replies.
In my many playthroughs of BL1 and BL2 I did it different ways. I have never really settled on a set method. Since the scaling is different in TPS I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to play it.

I think I’m going to playthrough TVHM and skip most of the side missions unless I need the XP, kind of like what @ActionHank does. With Nisha I did everything and screwed around a lot just exploring and killing everything in sight so I was quite over-leveled . I didn’t want to do the same thing with Aurelia and although I didn’t rush through NVHM, I pretty much kept to what I was supposed to be doing.
I’m really looking forward to the challenge of TVHM and UVHM. So far I’m really having a blast with Aurelia.

What I did was create 2 mule characters to save all the stuff I collected on the initial playthrough. Then I cycled down the list while only playing normal.

Nisha, then Wilhelm, then Claptrap, actually went Jack next since it had just been released at the time and I wanted more elemental weapons before playing as Athena, then Athena.

I then cycled back through the list with the previous characters except on TVHM this time. Right after finishing Jack, Aurelia was released, so I went through both difficulties in a row with her.

Then I started the cycle again with completely new characters except I did NVHM and TVHM back to back without changing characters.

Now I’m trying out new tactics with completely new characters to keep it fresh.

Only played the Holodome when looking for the Chronicler Mods. Not a fan of the arena, not fun solo and nobody ever seems to be doing it in co-op. When the Cl4ptastic DLC comes out, you bet your rump I’m doing that on every single character and every single difficulty.

So what’s the reason for all this? I plan my character builds in advance. The armory has grown quite large but while I’m playing one character, I look for items that I will use on my next character (usually via the grinder).

Long story short, I think it’s worth giving every character a shot on each difficulty. You may find out that the character you’re so used to might pale in comparison in fun/difficulty/style to the others.

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