Best way to report cheaters for time being?

Ran into yet another marquis with 100% accuracy

12 kills in 5 minutes of action… view his steam profile and learn he already has VAC ban on account (once a cheater always a cheater in my book)

team got fed up and quit

who do i gotta pm? and what type of specific info? its getting out of hand man … i want this game to be clean and fair.

You have been told on past thread:

Continuing the discussion from Once a cheater always a cheater. Melka aimbot pics:

thanks, i kinda suck at using these forums the layout is unfamiliar.

anyone got a link to that guys profile?

@JoeKGBX - just click on it :slight_smile:

(Edit/P.S: clicking the ‘@’ name, will bring up a little profile/info box thingy - then if you click their avatar/profile picture, it should open up a full page display of their information)

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thanks. i sent him link to persons profile and the match ID

i hope to rid this game of all its cheaters, 1 by 1 I will do it… because i love this game and cheaters will only drive more players away over time.

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