Best Weapon and Shied Variants

Check out the spread sheet below of the best variants.
Also, if there is anything I can do to improve it, let me know.

Enjoy the farming!

Let’s start with the easy part: spelling.

  • Shied -> Shield (thread title)
  • Derp -> derp (Torgue launcher prefix; it’s written in lowercase; 3 occurrences)
  • Gronky -> Gromky (Vladof sniper prefix; 2 occurrences)
  • Balck Hole -> Black Hole
  • Mailwan -> Maliwan (1 occurrence in the Evolution shield’s parts list)
    There may be more because I cannot access the whole spreadsheet (Google Docs being uncooperative as usual: no horizontal scrolling in one browser, “something went wrong while loading” prompt blocks view after 2 seconds of using it in the other browser). I might have missed some as well.

Now let’s talk parts.
Some of the parts you recommend are plain wrong, e.g. the Harold will work better with a Torgue grip instead of the Jakobs one you listed, and the Emperor won’t get much out of any grip except Dahl - definitely not Maliwan or Bandit.
Others are a matter of preference - I prefer the damage accessory on most pistols except for the Infinity for which I want the additional projectile one, opposite of what you listed. Most people prefer a Flying Sand Hawk over a Stopping one - if you are using it as a Bee delivery mechanism, this isn’t even a preference anymore, but a definitive win for the Flying Sand Hawk because it gets the Bee’s massive amp damage (due to the unlisted projectiles) out much quicker and helps you hit things by mitigating the slow bullet speed.
And then there are some parts which depend on the situation: you listed Puissant (the damage accessory) for the Norfleet, but if it’s only used as a “FFYL has almost run out” tool, the swap speed accessory (Parataxis) or the magazine size accessory (Plenteous) for an additional shot in the mag might be useful too. Or with the Tediore SMGs (Avenger and Baby Maker): Hefty (again the damage accessory) gets the most out of your ammo supply in total, but when you’re short on time (e.g. chucking them as Axton with a Veteran class mod and switching to a Grenadier before impact), the reload speed accessory (Refill) can work miracles.

Is this suppose to be a max stats list? Or like a farming checklist kinda thing?

DDD has something like this that goes what more indepth about it.
Also your grips on a lot of weapons are wrong for best.
Like horrendously wrong.
Prefixes are wrong on a lot of them too, but that can kind of be based off opinion.

This? Max Stat Gear Lists
Or is there another one I have yet to discover?

No this.

It was something that I never finished porting because I had to deal with other people trying to get me to update other guides when I still have like 40 missing guides.

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Thanks! Haven’t seen this one, I’ll give it a good read when I have a but more time.

All the videos are located at:

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Best parts can also depend on characters and builds.

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Like Hyperion vs Bandit grips on Hyperion weapons.

MS Sal builds will want hyperion but everyone else bandit is superior.

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