Best weapon to deal with Locomobius

What is the best weapon you’ve found so far to deal with this abomination of a boss?

Appart from straight up powering through, which take age, with a corrosive/cryo weapon I’ve found no solution to shorten this nightmare.

Considering its multi hit box, I wanted to know if some of you had fiddle with bouncing/aoe/other weapon to get a better result?

Well, I recognize it’s a cop out but I just set the game to mayhem 1, took half a minute to down it, and reset it back to m10. Nothing dropped anyway.

Corrosive Monarch did wonders. In fact, Monarchs with proper elements to health bar does very good vs dlc4. I used that and Flipper.

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Iron Bear and Sabot rounds can make very short work of Loco.

If you’re up for a little more interesting methods, Killer Queen can one shot it.

If you have DLC 3, the Gargoyle is pretty solid.

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For my Zane, his Light Shows are great.
Whenever it makes its stop you just get under, run foward and back and spew hundreds of pellets per stop at the underbelly, and the train is finished pretty quickly. This is on M-10.

Breath of The dying, kill the cov or the turrets on the train and the kill orbs will do the job.


Cryo Flipper with Moze, FL4K, and Amara. I haven’t tried Zane yet

I find that the best weapon is Iron Bear :+1:


If you farming him you can just use owe with fully spec’d iron bear build. No weapons required

yep, breath of the dying with consecutive hits plus a corrosive sand hawk for zane’s clone.

not sure if it’s a glitch or intentional, but if I get hit by the train, I don’t die, just get launched up in the air.

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Facepuncher/White Elephant

Seems the crit spot is on the underside.