Best Weapons By Type? (No oranges / uniques)

Ok, so, excluding legendaries / unique, what are the best guns in each weapon type?

Things to watch out for while farming?

Ie, pistols, obviously Assassins, TMP’s…

Please help me out, you crazy knowledgeable gear fanatics!

Here you go

You coulda also entered “top gear” in the search function, or posted this in the Loot chat subforum, just by the way.

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Thanks for the list, nut not exactly what i was looking for.

Just names of good weapon types in each class.

Naming ~5 items per weapon class would still end up in a list of 30 items. Just find the non-legendary guns in each Top Gear list, should be simple.

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You’re right, and fair enough.

Sorry if my reply came across as snarky, i had a long day!

Thank you for taking the time to put together those links for me, and sorry for posting in the wrong section!

Anarchist - vladof pistol, vladof barrel. ludicrously fast. good for any charachter except nisha. Briefly game breaking on nisha. much emphasis on briefly.

Ravager - Torgue shotgun, torgue barrel. Basically a rocket launcher in terms of power. great for claptrap

Synergy - new Hyperion pistol, Vladof barrel. gets really accurate really fast. great for jack, nisha and aurelia. good for anyone else.

Thinking - New Hyperion Shotgun, Hyperion barrel. relatively high accuracy, good fire rate. only long distance viable shotgun other than the striker - elemental variety good for stacking maelstrom.

Pepperbox - Jakobs pistol, Vladof barrel. Only comes in glitch, fires 2 bullets for 2 ammo. great with nisha.

Droog - Vladof Sniper rifle, high fire rate, good for stacking i never miss.

Quad - Jakobs shotgun, Torgue barrel. highest pellet count, great with jack.

Thats all i can think of now, but really just look at the top gear lists.

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No problem, happy hunting!

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Thanks, thanks, thanks!

wait… gear comes in other colors than orange and blue with red text!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Besides the Flakker, the best Torgue shotgun in the game.



Besides the Abbsolute Zero, the best freezer in the game.