Best Weapons During Fade Away?

I was using the One Pump Chump in M3, and Ion Cannons in M4. Now they are no longer viable in M4, what do you guys think are the best options for the first 2 shots during base Fade Away? Quickies, Lumps, what else?

Bangsticks and Jakobs shotties, any of the Call weapons, and weapon with ricocheting projectiles or tether coils, etc…

Brainstormer. Why does everyone not use this gun still is beyond me. Get it 50% fire or 100% ase and go to work with it when you have rad and corrosive on shield and nade. Spiderant for regen and element boost. You will melt any mobs robots and all with this. For bosses you want to fire two shots then still use the ion cannon for that boosted last shot

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Nukem, obviously.

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Alot of folk like the projectile recursion,
If you have a good linoge those are still pretty fun in Fadeaway but say good bye to your ammo.
I really love the companion since it inflicts DoT with every hit in Fadeaway.


Bangsticks, Brainstormer, Projectile Recursion, Linoge and the call weapons are great weapons to use coming out of Fade Away, but without the ASE anoint benefit, I feel their base dmg is a little too low to use on the 1st 2 shots during the base Fade Away.

I will definitely try the Nukem!

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My build literally can One Nukem Shot kill Chupacobratch on M4 a lot of the time. That’s not intrinsically special, but I’ve found it hilarious.

To be fair, I wanna point out the entire point of this build was to do something absurd…like…make the loudest weapon a Sneak Attack toy.


Can you crit with Nukem if you are spec’d into Megavore?

Oh yes. Haha. The. The build is a Megavore Fade Away build. It’s. It’s kinda funny. Added a Rerouter just to make it funnier

The third shot of fadeaway does a money shot type damage boost somehow. Theres a vid explaining it on youtube. So with bosses you shoot two bullets than fire a rocket like nukem or scourge or ion and you can one shot any boss

I’m talking about my first shot :slight_smile:

Bangstick, Stage coach, Nukem, Ion Cannon, Ruby’s Wrath, Carbuncle, Deathgrip

I dont see how Ion cannons are any less viable for fl4k; can run them on empty with a hunterseeker or hex for refills with LnT; but this is the same for almost any launchers worth shooting


Shock Devils Banshee. Put a Transformer, use the duration skill in Master tree to have enough time to charge all 3 shots and you will watch groups of enemies drop dead.

You can just use a Buttplug and stab everything. :smiley: Still works for me at M4.

The Ion Cannon still seems to work pretty well even with the nerf.

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There’s no money shot boost. Its just that it allows your last shot in F4de Away to benefit off ASE bonuses that activate on impact.

Problem with all these weapons is they perform alot better with the base F4de Away, largely because they can in large part benefit from the ASE anointments. I think what OP is asking is what weapons work well with GiTM (which there aren’t many at M4). While I wouldn’t call GiTM a dead playstyle at M4, I would say its basically the weakest Fl4k build right now. Which is a real pity.

Also interested about the comment about the Deathgrip. Tested it with Fl4k a while back and it was super underwhelming. I don’t think it can crit in F4de Away?

The last shot of 3 shot fade away gains the bonuses from on ase anointments. Its shown off in this vid.

Yes technically a money shot still

yeah im glad its a feature of fade away, the damage potential has a very high ceiling.