Best weapons for infinite red glitch

Hello, so the red glitch is very powerful, but on few weapons its straight up broken due to lack of fire rate penalty.

Here are some of them:

  • Jakobs Pistols
  • Jakobs Shotguns
  • Jakobs Assault rifles
  • All manufacturer Beam lasers (Maliwan barrel)

With Jack you can take it to a whole new level with infinite glitch effect by using Marginal benefit and Absolute adventage.

Is there other weapons that perform similar?

Info from replyes:

  • All Dahl weapons ignore rate of fire penalty in burst fire mode (when zoomed)

Anything Dahl red doesn’t kill the burst.

I don’t get Mali beams and why red glitch is good on it.

Red glitch on Maliwan beams is good because it doesnt decrease rate of fire at all. Also they have pretty huge magazine size that allows it to be infinitly glitched even without Absolute adventage.

interesting, could you test if that’s characteristic of beams in general or maliwan lasers in general?

I would like to know if that characteristic is tied to the Maliwan Barrel or the Continuous Fire gimmick.

Tests show that its tied to Maliwan barrel. Maliwan lasers with non-maliwan barrel did get penalized. Dahl, Hyperion and Tedior lasers with maliwan barrel had no penalty. So i guess the best choises gonna be Maliwan or Hyperion lasers with maliwan barrel cuz on Dahl you can burstfire red glitch with any barrel and tediore gets outclassed since you cant benefit out of its reload.

Thats good to hear, for Jack specifically (Because he’s the only one who would probably use a Hyperion Beam), Its also good to hear because beams in general are outclassed by blasters before word of this interaction with glitches, they have purpose now.

Beams are outclassed by blasters really? Didnt know that was a thing. I love Absolute zero, but i dont have any Dahl barrel lasers that i like.

Unique weapons aside, purple blasters >> purple beams, the biggest draw to the beams is a finite range and crazy recoil, and blasters are basically beams with range.

Demonite did a pretty decent video on this:

Basically it doesn’t decrease your fire rate and just simply jacks up (ha) your damage.

That video also includes some testing footage at the end.

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Absolute Zero is more of an outlier when it comes to beams, as it has noticeably better recoil control than any other beams.