Best Weapons for Zane?

Made the switch from Moze to Zane when I realized how powerful and fun he is…

Can someone help me out with his best weapons (for M3 and especially M4), or direct me to a guide if it exists?

And could you specify which pistols, shotguns, relics, COMs, etc?

Thanks in advance.

Maggie, Scourage, Hellwalker, Crossroads, Lyuda, Lucians Call, Dictator,… notice the trend?

Most will be many pellets and high fire rates.

Most guns that aren’t best on my Fl4k, work wonders with Zane and vice-versa.

Side note: on relics/mods it would seem weapon damage would be best, depending on gear and build, could be crit bonuses are better.

I have a mod with 25% gun dmg, but the mod I have for 45% crit damage to hyperion is way better for M4 on my crossroad ccc clone Zane.

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The duc, bekah, alchemist, most rocket launchers, phebert, killowisp, flakker,… any high damage single pellet guns if you are running Playing Dirty.

Be warned though, Zane doesnt use any class or manufacturer better than any other VH, unlike the other three.

Oh yeah, Maggie is the best freeze weapon on Zane in the game.

Guns with multiple projectiles are great as stated above and when I was giving away class mods Jakobs crit buff and playing dirty were asked for alot, which obviously confused me.
One of the reasons multishot weapons work great is CCC imo. At the same time playing dirty makes so many guns amazing In his hands.

I honestly feel like he gets the most out of Hyperion compared to the others but I don’t play him as much as fl4k, I do know I want an anointed redistributor for my barrier build because of that.


I’m fully built around Playing Dirty and Zane really shines with the One Pump Chump, but you have to get your crits with it. Also, if your aim is really good, then he is a beast with the Unforgiven. If you’re running a Calm, Cool, Collected build, then the Maggie is great. In terms of grenades I like just generally good freezing ones with +25% damage for 6 seconds after grenade throw. But if you’re alternating your action skills, then “+50% damage of 1 element for 10 seconds after action skill end” is really potent.

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I have a one pump chump with 120% damage with clone swap. Stuff just blows up all around me.:grinning:. It’s my best annointed item besides the scourge with 50% cryogenic that I let the clone use

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That’s one spicy chump :slight_smile:, let me know if you’re on PC and might be willing to share, I’m heavily invested in terror gear if you’re interested.

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I think I got it covered…thanks tho…thank you all for your posts

Sorry, it is my only annointed legendary that I actually use.

Is it safe to say the nukem makes this list now? Seems really good with PD and with DB

This is based on my PD build. Barrier + SNTNL, Hitman tree focused.

Hive, The Duc on anything non anointed, Handsome Jackhammer with positive modifiers on Mayhem (it’s not his best but a more reliable tediore weapon than Tediore on him), Sureshot XL in blue with mag size bonuses, Bangerang, Maggie, Hellwalker, Sledge’s Shotgun, One Pump Chump, Headsplosion (I’m sure there are better but trust me it’s good with PD), Lovemachine, Sickle, Conference Call, Unforgiven, Faizor, Long Musket, Lazer Sploder. Lyuda, That Masher you Get when you Enter Eden-6, Hand of Glory, Barrage, Cutsman, Occultist, and either version of the Redistributor.

On Mayhem 3 at least.

Zane has no downsides with any weapon types. Kill o the wisp sucks, though. Why did someone recommend that pos? It’s dps is negligible at best, PD or no. Maliwan shotties just waste too much ammo on him, as compared to Moze. Base gun damage means jack on Maliwan, always has. Very few weapons beat Maliwan on easy crowd control, but on Zane you can just get an RL, a Rowan’s call or a Kings Call in shock. Freeze 3 enemies at once and not know it.

I think craps is an all around great gun. But you can get infinite double shots with playing dirty, especially if you connect with the 7 shot chance. Of course with new cmod.

Double shot Kill o Wisp with extra projectile and double barrel on clone wrecks shields. Just say’n. I honestly thought it was trash on my fl4k until I played Zane.