Best weapons parts for a gun

in bl2 the best weapons generally had all parts from the manufacturer. is that still true in TPS

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I’d say matching parts (barrels, grips, stocks on guns) still comes with small damage and mag size bonuses, but these bonuses are still smaller than comparable bonuses from certain manufacturer parts.

The damage bonus from part matching is lower than the bonus from Jakobs and Torgue parts.
The mag size bonus from matching is lower than the bonus from scav parts etc.

So according to how you want to use a gun in a certain setup, you might want different parts.

For example, all my IVF chucking characters prefer scav grips for the larger mag size.
But for my claptrap, IVF chucking is just a means to quickly build up Load’n’Splode stacks, so here a tediore grip for faster reload speed is better.

Grips have mag and reload bonuses, stocks do not. Dahl stocks add a burst and hyp stock on hyp lasers give an extra 10% burst.

Matching barrels give a bonus, so they’re almost always the best (not always, but 95% of the time…exceptions are the Vladof spinnigun barrel is awesome on Jakobs and Torgue ARs… things like that)
Matching grips also have a bonus, so they’re very often the best (again not always, but this time… I’d say 80% of the time.)
Matching stocks and sights don’t matter most of the time. (except in the cases Derch mentioned) Dahl stock is almost always the best, followed by Hyperion

On Jakobs, always Jakobs grip
On Torgue, always Torgue grip
On Hyperion, either Hyperion, Torgue or Scav grip (depending on weapon type)
On Scav, usually Jakobs or Torgue grip is best
On Tediore, Tediore or Jakobs grip
On maliwan, Usually matching grip is best
On Dahl, either Jakobs, Dahl or Scav grip
On Vladof, Vladof or Jakobs grip

On snipers, Jakobs grip is always good
On shotguns Tediore grip is always ok
On Pistols, Torgue grip is often good
On Lasers, Maliwan grip is almost always the best

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Hey Chuck do you know where on here I can find a parts guide? I need to be able to learn how to identify which is what on them. Thanks in advance.

Go here Brave one:

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