Best world drop source?

What is the best boss/enemies to get world drops from? I have my Wilhelm maxed out on weapons and I want something that can be a quickish fight and have a somewhat good chance to world drop items. I don’t like farming the grinder so I was just wondering what the best boss is.

the Boss under springs place is decent and fairly quick to fight.
The raid Boss at the end, though this is a longer fight
Possibly Meg is a fairly quick fight and does drop some
Me, I have found the Vending machines more consistent in random world drops then the Bosses.

Edit: the end boss of Claptraps DLC is very consistent in the Drops but does take a little time in fighting him


The problem with iwajira is that he rarely drops anything. I’ve killed him upwards of fifty times after they reduced the drop rate of the thingy and I haven’t gotten that, or any legendary, at all.

And as for the raid boss, the same thing goes for that. I rarely get anything, and what I usually get is a zx-1, which I already have fifty of.

Meg is a good fight as well, and the SMG she drops is amazing for leveling up characters.

And that is true, vending machines and chests have been much more prominent when giving out legendaries than bosses or mobs


For world drops, Eos is probably your most consistent method. Unless you’ve got some real solid weaponry and tactics (Mongol Athena, for example), it’ll take you some time to down both Eos and Eclipse, but you’re guaranteed at least 1 legendary from the fight. Otherwise, Concordia’s vendor run is probably your best bet.


He has a bunch of blue unique weapons in his loot pool as well as the Thingy, so make sure you’re not accidentally over-looking something because it isn’t orange.


I wish the legendary was guaranteed. It’s only guaranteed during the story mode. Otherwise you have the chance to get either a few purple’s or a legendary

For world drops, EOS or The Sentinnel. My pick would be EOS.


Yea Iwajira drops phuck all

İt can be EOS,dude.I Got a Jack O’Cannon from it.Also very good for legendaries.İwajira gives nothing to you at NM or TVHM.But it can drop some legendaries in UVHM.

The Thingy and the Hail. Plus lots of grinder fodder and moonstones.

Uh,Im not lucky,then.I never got them from İwajira.Just lots of moonstones.

I’ve seen a drop rate of 12% mentioned on the wiki, which is close to the BL2 10% rate for designated drops from bosses. That means you can still go for long intervals without seeing anything, though, and I find I tend to over-estimate how many runs I’ve actually done if I just go by memory.

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For world drops, I’ve had some really good luck with the chest across from the Darksiders at Triton Flats.

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Wow,I didnt expect double legends from chests,dude.Specially Min Min Lighter.But I think Kerblaster is just a trash.

I’ll have yours if you don’t want it! Amazing weapon, especially on Claptrap. Like a lot of those trick shot guns, though, you have to play to its gimmick to benefit from the full effect.

Uh,right it can be useful for claptrap.But I would rather Min Min Lighter.Great radius and Also bouncing shots.