Best XP/GuardianRank Farm?

What’s the best XP farm you’ve found since they patched the offline boost?

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Cistern of slaughter is a good one since it isn’t too difficult, but it might still be glitched so it can’t be completed. But, if you jump up on a ledge to the left of the elevator when facing it, it restarts the round, and the elevator opens up.

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Ran through that yesterday almost without hitch. The one hitch being that the miniboss at the end of one round was randomly some kind of rakk that stayed so high up above the arena I couldn’t target it using Iron Bear. Then I fell off the edge of the map trying to get a bead on it… Otherwise fine though! Got about 3 GR’s doing that.

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graveward is always a valid farm for everything. i mean m4 gw can still be killed in about 2 phases with my fl4k. so it’s quick and easy. but if you want the MOST exp, then a CoS or a proving ground.

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Graveward M4 is about 48k experience per kill, and less than 3 minutes to kill. Takes about 25 minutes per guardian rank. You won’t find a faster way to farm experience than that.


Ha, it was a giant varkid for me, and I’ll have to see if it’s fixed then.

I’ve heard the Billies on Eden 6 are good for farming XP, even on M1.

I tend to go to the Droughts; there are a couple of skag dens right around the main fast travel. I get a couple hundred XP per skag on M4, and when there’s 5-6 skag dens’ worth, it adds up. An easy grind if you’re just looking to increase your level.

This will take a bit of explanation, but it’s ultimately about XP… .

I am someone who likes dedicated drops, but with the caveat that within an hour I like to find something useful to move on with (not the current state of affairs…)

I don’t know understand how people are still farming Graveward day-after-day just to get a gun or XP?

I only want fast dedicated drops so I can then engage with a challenge. E.g. BL2 I need a new OP4 DPUH to run the Peak at OP4… Spend an hour farming. Go back to the Peak…

With that in mind, if you want quick XP and a challenge with loot. Try the Trial of Fervor on MM4 - man that’s good for XP and it’s fun…

Got that on the second attempt IIRC.

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Simple. For world drops and experience it’s simply the fastest and most efficient method of farming. In fact with many items you’re far more likely to get them in a random world drop from Graveward than you are from farming a dedicated drop location. Try getting both a Maggie and Lyuda from Tremendous Rex farming. I can almost guarantee that you’ll get both from Graveward in less than an hour of farming.

And as I said, at M4 he’s 48k exp per kill, with a player being able to get a kill in 3-5 minutes. Even at 5 minutes per cycle you’re talking 576,000 exp per hour. How many M4 runs are you going to need of the Trial of Fervor to rack up 576,000 experience, and how long will that take?

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if you like skag farming pop to the skrakk area, 10 inc badases, plus the named boss, jump back down the ledge in the opposite direction 100ft and u get another 10 and 2 badasses, a chest and 4 lots of irridium even on M4 it only takes a couple of mins, m1 and 2 its 1 minute to clear them all 20 secs to return, rinse repeat and a chance of a skeksil, though i think its bugged at the moment done it over 300 times no skeksil but lots of other legendary drops

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swapped recently to gigamind even on M4 it only takes between 12 to 30 secs per run, drop numbers are as good as GW who was always my favourite until recently, give it a go

GW is a really reliable boss. there aren’t many that only have 1 health bar, and no immune phases. Also he rewards probably more experience than he’s worth, and has pretty decent drops, in addition to the vault’s 4 chests you get whenever you take him down. Fun? not necessarily (can be), but good for farming, grinding and testing your builds.

I get it, I just don’t know how people can keep doing it over and over again, some people literally for months… Even if it’s efficient. I just find it so boring… And my GR rank is 180 and there’s very litle content that I struggle with… So I was suggesting a way of mixing it up a bit. Do both, boss and trial - so the game isn’t just living with Graveward… And yeah I absolutely hate the dedicated drop RNG in this game at M4. It sucks so bad…

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yeah, i think GW doesn’t have an M4 dedicated drop for a reason. so that we actually go and see other people.

Sub 10 second fight for 48kXP ain’t bad

When I give times I’m talking about a full cycle. From the moment the level starts, through the kill, check the loot, suck up the money and eridium, quit, then reload the level and start the next cycle.

Even on my PC with both game and OS running on separate SSDs, the save and quit then reload will take 30-45 seconds alone. Then you’ll probably have to restock your ammo if you’re farming, and then jump in and get going. 3-5 minutes would be the difference between PC and Console players. The actual time to kill is about a minute for me, but I don’t have a specialized farming build. I could do a Fade Away build that would take a boss down in half the time of my Rakk Attack, but then I would have to respec to go play through some mobs. Don’t want to do and don’t want to pay for that much respecing, because I swap back and forth between farming and mobbing all of the time.

Me either. I just gave him another shot on M1 the other day. After a few minutes I got him down to about 1/3 of his bar and all of a sudden I get launched way up into the air and off the platform like it’s Smash Bros. I hate that guy.

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I am currently level 45, and was wondering if there was any quick ways to reach 50 fast. I am currently graveward farming, is there a faster way? Thank you.