Best Zane digi clone build

I have two zane’s. I have my SNTNL barrier zane build about where I want him. Using a redistributor, an O.P.Q, cutsman, and a kaoson I can pretty much cruise through maliwan takedown M10. I have a second zane that I’d like to make a digi-clone, using my SNTNL and my clone.
I’ve tried a couple builds and I’m not doing as much damage as I can with my SNTNL barrier zane, and I die wayyyyyyy too easy; we’re talking like one hit kills. Granted I’m doing maliwan takedown M10 but I’m using really good gear so I can’t figure out whats going on. I know I probably need to alter my play style, and learn how to use the digi-clone properly. I really miss the barrier, but it seems most successful zane builds use the clone and the SNTNL.

If someone has a tried and true build I’d like to see it.

Note: I’m not married to the idea of a SNTNL, if there’s a great digi-clone barrier build I’m all for that!

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When doing digi, you can go ASE anointments for dmg on shield/grenade and weapon. With M10 get the modifiers to work in your favor with a transformer and pool party. You can drop clone in a shock pool and he will tank. Give him a plague/yellow cake, although he may kill himself, it is good for triggering ASE buff or trigger it with dopplebanger. Also note to switch places so you can boost your dmg.

I run digi/grenade sometimes on m10 and make sure you do not give grenade perk to digi otherwise he stops firing a lot.

You can go barrier/sntl either way as well.

(also for half the weapons you are running, OPQ and Kaoson, get perks on relic/mod for splash/AOE dmg to get a bigger bang for buck)

Maybe that can give you some inspiration.
Done M10 TTM, but with new weapons and cutpurse launchpad.