Best Zer0 Weapons?

What are the best weapons/setup for zero?

Those should help you.

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Pimpernel, Lyuda, Sniders, Eviceration Rubi/Grog, Rapier, Coach Guns/Quads. They are the ones Zer0 is particularly good with. Might be others, but i can’t think of any.

Also, Sandhawk, DPUH, Infinity, Norfleet, Ect. Good Guns for anyone.


Infinity is not good. I wish it were. The idea seemed promising. But it is not effective on high levels. And in my personal opinion, kinda boring to use.


True. Still rips weaker enemys up though, it’s just not a good option for Bosses, unless you are out of ammo on every other gun

I agree. Unfortunately it just is not a decent option once you get to higher levels. And it is indeed a joke against Bosses.

I take my op8 gear back to uvhm so the infinity with a bee is more than enough to shred through the invincibles.

sniper zer0: pimpernel, lyuda (if you want DPS and don’t care about it being automatic and the amount of ammo you spend for the damage), or just the highest damaging sniper you can find.

melee zer0: rapier and slag evisceration rubi paired with a love thumper shield, or maybe law paired with the order shield

Zer0 can be excellent with a variety of weapons.

Notably powerful weapons include- Rapier, Pimpernel, Lyuda, Twister, Interfacer, Hide of Terramorphous.


The infinity is actually perfectly viable on a pistol zero build. Anywhere else though, it falls off. It is only good if you have a sheriff’s badge relic and the shadow stalker com. With those two items any pistol will wreck everything.

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Thank you!

Though in my experience, a Legendary sniper COM works just as well for it :smile:

I know this thread hasn’t been active of late, but I wanted to chime in for the sake of lurkers.

I typically use:

Sniders (I frequently get updated ones from Bee farming runs in the Forest, or from Butt Stallion)
Vladof pistols-- also frequently picked up from the Bee runs.
Infinity – Sniper + Cunning builds actually make them OK. I use them mostly to finish badly wounded enemies or to clean up weenies without burning ammunition. As has been mentioned, Legendary Sniper COMs make them respectable for this application.
Hornet and Unkempt Harold are incredibly easy to farm (farm Torgue tokens in TVHM and spend them in UVHM-- you’ll have a new Harold in under 1 hour)

Zer0 can use almost weapon wonderfully.(Because Deception bonus / deathmark / Rising Sh0t are too stronk)

I especially like the followings.
VladofSR(including Lyuda / common item) / VladofPistol(including anarchist,Stinger) / Pimpernel / Twister /CC(not powerful,but very useful for melee)
And also corrosive elemental wepaon and DPUH are very nice for healing with swap.

By the way,I dont like Norfleet so much,but it has awesome synergy with Deception bonus and deathmark.

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And I went to all the trouble of compiling a list of Zer0’s best weapons and other gear… You guys should check it out.

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I overlooked “T0p gear f0r Zer0” , sorry.
Just now,I have finished reading “T0p gear f0r Zer0”,it was very very very cool and aswesome.
Really Great job , DarthSpiderDen and Zer0 players.

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Part time lurker here. For those who prefer Zer0’s more firearms based fighting i can reccomend a few. Start with a lightning or slag rubi and pair it with a pimpernel of the opposite ability (ie slag rubi = lightning pimpernel). Then go farm a veruc and either a conference call, interfacer or get a heartbreaker. This is what i call Zer0’s run and gun loadout, you first break shields down with your lightning say pimpernel from afar, once thats done rush in and slag them before dumping a shotgun mag into them. If theyre still standing use your veruc to deck em. It works wonders with floor clearing even with goliaths up to id say op 1 -3 or 4 but ive not gotten to op8 with unmodded guns (i do lots of tinkering). Also for this grab a fastball or meteor shower (profferably fastball) and then grab a favorite shield. An infinity or harold can also steal the rubis spot but a general rule of thumb is to keep a slag and lighning gun on your main loadout to get you right to dropping enemies and not breaking shield

8 months later…

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