Best zerker like pkayer

I want to know what character I could use that has the same style as Salvador, as that is my favorite. I’ve been stuck on the first mission with orendi for a while, and was wondering if there was any character like that. Or one that can get me past the mission. Being forced to play solo kills you

I think Ghalt plays most like Sal from what I’ve seen and heard. Bahroo seems to think so if you’ve seen any of his Ghalt gameplay vids. Downside is he’s the hardest unlock with needing command rank 40 or silver or higher on all mission in advanced difficulty.

For the first mission try Oscar Mike. He’s pretty new player friendly and well rounded character

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Thanks. I liked orendi in the beta but she is more of a player that needs a healer with her

I just solo’d the first mission with Mellka on advanced (first attempt at advanced difficulty too). She’s not the best solo character either, but I managed alright in the end! If you’re looking for a Sal-type in the sense of soaking up tons of damage whilst dealing tons of damage, you won’t find that with any characters here no matter how you build them unfortunately. This game doesn’t give you that god like feeling like a RtB Krieg in bar room brawl. It’s quite happy to remind you that even the weakest enemies hit like a truck if you let them :disappointed_relieved:

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I love the game so far it’s just that the characters are built to be in a team but for ps4 you have to pay for that

Pay for what? I’m not following

With some of her helix options she is pretty survivable, one makes her shields come back with nulify and another gives her life steal for her skill damage, combine that with her movement speed and she can do pretty well.

Miko can solo it, though not super quickly. Oscar Mike should be fine. I’d avoid melee.

He’s not hard to unlock if you have 1 friend, and both of you have common sense.

I managed to unlock Ghalt in one night with my older brother on our days off from work and we simply duo’ed every mission on advance with a silver rating and the last 2 missions we earned a gold ironically.

@OP: Simply play Marquis for the first mission and play extremely careful, once you complete the first mission and unlock ISIC play him for all the other missions since his turret mode makes the campaign extremely easy.