Bet you've heard this chestnut before (lvl60 MH10 stagecoach)

Looking for a high pellet count stagecoach (preferably 25 but that’s a god roll unless someone happens to have one) with any anoint that benefits flak in fade away like action skill damage or consecutive

Itd make my day to find one but farming these things are like looking for a needle inside a planet made of hay

Please if anyone happens to have one, pm me and we can sort something out that I can go get for you if you need it :v:

I have a m10 level x 25 consecutive hits stagecoach,any good?

well howdy there you’re my new best friend

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Just pm me to sort something out if you’re giving it away

New best friend lol. Do you happen to have any of the mayhem 6+ weapons with good annoitments? Or good class mods,especially spiritual drivers?

I think I have a decent few mayhem 6+ guns sitting in my vault or on my Zane, I’ll go have a look

Any of the specific mayhem 6+ guns you want coz I’ll be happy to go farm one up for you if I don’t have any sitting there

Oh and I’ll look to see if I have a spiritual driver aswell

Dont go out your way to farm for me as I’m sure we can work something out :slight_smile:

I’d like a kaoson,sandhawk or maybe even a 300/90 facepuncher as well as good amara class mods

Idm farming if you’re being generous enough to give something :grin:

Also I have a projectile revision with 13% life steal after action skill end or a damage stacking face puncher if either of those take your fancy

Off to go grab a kaoson aswell if they dont

Dont worry buddy, I can just give you it,I have a couple spares :smiley: what’s your gamertag?

Closed at OP request.