BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(lmabear) #182

I get it. But the choice to knock somebody back goes beyond just that, the choice to be able to say “I want to stop at that target” which right now is done by hitting it. Going through things can often overextend you more than you intended.

If there was an option to stop it when I chose. That would change my stance. But I like to at least have the option.

(Dwarfurious) #183

but like you said, there is no choice, because rage on dash :stuck_out_tongue:

(Master of Eeveelution) #184

If only there was a way that we could have a meta and a casual game. Why can’t competitive gaming and fun gaming live together, in peace and harmony, for all to enjoy and desire?

(SolusHD) #185

Because gamers as a whole refuse to let it happen. We are terrible human beings after all. I can live with that. But yeah i do kind of agree with you. Why can’t we let it happen?

(Bluehasia) #186

i put oscar mike in the B tier he is good, but is still avg, and for the reason you gave him A, Benedict can do all that with just a few rockets clearing out minions. and benedict can be so much more with his flight, and a few reload buffs he is a power house.

but honest i dont mind people think he is bad, after all he is an advance battleborn plus i dont want to share him with my team mates with single picks only matches XD

(Ssfjustin) #187

Hey Bluehasia,

I’ll check out your tier list but I believe Oscar mike to be a very strong character for the team. He may not win in a duel fight with other characters but that’s not what he’s about. He can push waves stronger than any other character and can destroy sentries single handedly (stuff you already know). The idea of Oscar Mike is winning with minions which he exceptional at and clearing an area with an incendiary grenade. Like Kleese, He’s there to win the war, not the battle. Benedict i never got to try but when battleborn is release, i will be making a whole new tier list and giving all the characters a proper loving review. Thanks bud for your input.


OM had highest total damage during open beta.

(Dwarfurious) #189

Because he was probably played the most? Also, lots of lane clearing


Hmm good point but don’t think that’s the only reason. What I’m trying to say is he is already high DPS.

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #191

They averaged the numbers so it’s not the total amount of damage done by Oscar Mike but the total number done by Oscar Mike divided by the number of Oscar Mikes played. Something along those lines. So they have a decent idea of how much damage each of the characters did during the Open Beta.

(Sami Toppi) #192

Most damage counts minion damage too and if you play OM like It should be plaid : clearing waves, you will get high damage . When I plaid OM I had almost everytime most damage with just few kills, but shitloads of minion clearing. When I did that I felt I was done what pusher should do.


Sounds like he’s useful to have on your team then :slight_smile:

(Master of Eeveelution) #194

In my opinion OM was the best and most valuable team member behind only a healer, he fit into every team combination on both modes and is such a versatile utility, there’s really no reason not to have an OM on your team :slight_smile:

(The MONTANA!!) #195

When it comes to clearing waves thorn is high up there as well. With the slowdown effect on blight and few other helix choices to strengthen blight, minions die within a few seconds, and thrall mercenaries take a lot of damage as well if your able to keep them in the AOE. If thorn is played right she can be a huge team asset. The only drawback is it can be really hard to hit people with her bow, but once you get the lead down, she is scary good. Great at pushing and holding back minions, and not a bad PKer once the player gets used to the bow.
A good thorn can really throw the battle in one teams favor.

(Uncia03) #196

I agree with the Thorn comment.
Can be fantastic on a team.

I just wanted to mention that you could say that about so many different characters…and I think it’s a testament to the game they have created.
Sure there are still balance issues and some characters are underpowered (WFT) and some characters are overpowered (Ambra & Galilea) but the amount of characters who could be included on any team is a rather large list…and that is a good thing.