BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(Vdhump) #21

Galilea is my main and I know her inside and out at this point. She has a weakness. ranged characters and a good benidict.
I got wrecked by a really good benidict. He stayed in the air forever with good skill timing so I couldn’t life drain him he got the speed upgrade so I could never hit him with a shield and he led on constant pokes to my back when I shielded my front. And if I tried addressing him I get shot from the back again. All you have to do for her is flank flank flank by if she has a miko then gg just quit lol

(Jmorales20) #22

I’ve been meaning to try Benedict in pvp so thanks for the tip. I’m sure she’s beatable, especially by someone who is skilled enough. I still feel like, especially for a tank, she just does entirely too much damage.

(Vdhump) #23

Ya she also has an op combo with her b if your moving with her basic attack she does extra hits at the end of the attack use her b to hit her with the shield hit to knock the enemy into the air and backwards then do her actual shield hit to stun and do damage then close the gap between you drop your curse on the ground and repeat

(CR10s in advanced difficulty = :() #24

Just my thoughts on a few specific cases:

Miko- Miko is fine, but there are two kinds of MIko players, those have terrible positioning and get caught immediately, and those that literally will hunt you down to the ends of the earth because she will just Biosynthesis and mushroom you in the face until you die.

Ambra- I despise Ambra. Her damage and heals are leagues above the other supports, not to mention she puts out above average damage. Once she gets her Primary onto you, you must fight if you don’t have an escape, and even then, the fact that everything she does heals her on top of a Lifeline shield at low health? If she gets nerfed, you won’t find me complaining.

Shayne/Aurox: Shayne and Aurox are B-tier at best. The entire reason she does so well is people tunnel visioning until she’s already on her face and whacking them to death. She/they are also primarily a 1v1 champion- With a team, and not standing in her ult, she’s manageable.

Orendi- If she can land her abilities, you are dead. She kites like a Goddess and punishes you for even considering chasing her. She is A-tier Easily.

(Ssfjustin) #25

I really appreciate the input Luca, I also agree about Ambra, the first time I played her I was surprise of her skill set and lifesteal. I may drop Miko down to A tier after I play a few more rounds with it. Orendi and Shayne I might have to play a little more to get the feel of them.

( #26

Oscar Mike is A tier. He does everything amazing. There is no reason to not have an Oscar Mike on the team. He can apply pressure due to sustained damage from Auto Attacking. Pushing lanes due to grenades, grenades do soooo much damage. Harass enemy with grenades. Escape with Cloak. Then his Ultimate is extremely powerful for destroying minions or area denial.

Ambra is S Tier. Hold life drain and profit. Boring to play.

Gallelia is S Tier. Stun and everything dies. Gearbox needs to turn down her damage and focus on the fact she makes healers useless.

Miko is S Tier. Bring down his health by a few hundred and he will be okay. Too tanky for the damage he outputs plus healing. Make him squishy and to think about his build more.

(jaison2000) #27

When does the Beta end?

(Dr H0 H0) #28

It ends on the 18th of this month.

(Ssfjustin) #29

Moving to Attikus to D tier, hes awful.


Great list but I don’t like how you put Miko in the same category as two severely unbalanced characters. If they are severely unbalanced and Miko isn’t, have them in a separate tier above S or put him in A. Definitely doesn’t “excel in everything with no drawback”.

Personally I don’t find him unbalanced at all. His damage is in no way OP like the other two, it’s pretty low actually. His health has to be moderately high as he doesn’t have a shield and is usually the main target of the enemy due to his healing role.

Yes his heals are probably the best in game and often lifesaving but that makes sense because he’s primarily a healer! I suggest having separate healer, DPS and tank ranks in a game that has these roles since many characters are great in one role but not necessarily the others.

( #31

Oscar mike should not be in C tier. His gun and grenades are amazing if built right. I cloak and go behind a Marquis or camped character and hit them with the grenade and then kill them almost immediately. He is also a force with minion clear due to his grenade’s damage over time.

( #32

Also build life steal with Attikus and he is crazy hard to kill and he also deals quite a bit of damage. A very strong tank in my opinion.

(Ssfjustin) #33

I appreciate that Logan, I tried everything with Attikus and I can’t seem to keep in alive long enough in team fights. He is okay soloing another character but it takes too long to collect stacks and level.

(Ssfjustin) #34

You are right about miko, The more people figure out the game the more familiar they get with miko’s playstyle and figure ways around him. i’ll be moving him to A tier soon.

( #35

I have to play evasive with Attikus. I I pounce in and take a lot of aggro and then as soon as it is back I pounce out. The key thing is landing the punch near a wall because it stuns enemies if they get knocked into it.

(yougimmespam101) #36

I think Miko is not OP, but his(it’s?) specific legendary gear is OP.
if Miko have specific legendary gear + level 5 helix(PANDEMIC), enemy team can’t kill Miko’s teammate

(Dhemona) #37

I think people are confusing a general Ambra spec as support as actual healing and more for sustain. She has to sacrifice for burst healing and sacrifice a lot more of her mage/survivability side to be a pure support and have enough sustainable healing to keep someone like Montana up under real pressure.

Ambra at best can be a support mage with sustain on lane/field look at the numbers and compare per cool down to other people who can heal. Now compare those numbers to the amount of burst damage that can be thrown out but bruisers, assassins, and real mages.

Ambra as a whole does all of her roles less than optimal if not poorly. Her healing is low, and killable during a skirmish, her self healing is purely dependent on range and not being disrupted. As a mage only her Ultimate does decent damage while all of her other skills have little to no range, are damage over time, and or can be killed.

I’m pretty sure Ambra will see another nerf but then people won’t play her because she is a severely limited character that people don’t play smart against, they rush in and assume they are going to beat a close ranged support mage is just going to fall over which is silly, because no one will play her. Her best asset is the dodge while holding down one button, that doesn’t have the kill power of the damage dealers who can hit a target or a real mage who can properly space their nukes.

(Dhemona) #38

Pretty sure 90% of the people who play this game haven’t figured out ALL melee characters weakness is a MELEE attack itself. It knocks people back and makes Galilea weak to the point you can kite her easy. Galilea has the same strong point Ambra has, players who haven’t learn the game fully yet. Otherwise all Galilea has a stun in group combat securing one kill which again CC counters Ambra perfectly till her passive kicks in.


Wow I like and appreciate the thorough tier list. The amount of time and thought it took to organize this deserves thanks. I wouldn’t be surprised if each character wins (kills) to losses (deaths) are analyzed. However, this probably helps as a great guide to verify.

I may be wrong, but I cannot do well with Toby. I would be interested to know how he is considered balanced.

(Dhemona) #40

Toby seems more stand offish, he doesn’t seem like he’s supposed to run in guns blazing nor sit in front line and soak up damage. I don’t play him but after watching a few people play him and looking at his abilities he seems like a defensive type to hold a point or to making getting through a choke point miserable for the other team.