BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(Ssfjustin) #41

I really appreciate that, this tier list was also contributed to the comments that have played Battleborn. I haven’t played Toby well enough but I will get around to him today to see where he stands.


Attikus deserves a higher rating. He can be great, especially once you unlock his 2nd mutation. It allows him to reduce the cost from 5 to 1 stack. Putting that aside he is can hold his ground even without stacks. His one skill can stun and allows for escape, his other one greatly boosts his attack and damages the enemy over time. The damage over time heals you… It jumps to other targets… And he has one of the better ults within the game. I think he deserves a B tier. Seriously guys try him out more often hes good.

(Tenzilla) #43

I only have played one game with attikus so far, It was getting real late last night, but i feel like he has some real potential. I did notice he felt really slow. and there is basically no way to make use of his charge punch. It takes too long to charge, and if you pre-charge it you become a snail.


His charge punch is utterly useless. But hes good enough without it. He might be slow but his jump allows him to quickly get out of dangerous situations.


And his electric overtime pierces galileas shield. Just sayin


Ambra and Galilea need to be nerfd big time…so not funny going against them. Especially a team of them

(Ssfjustin) #47

I feel you, I just went against a miko, ambra, and galilea. funny to say that two of my teammates disconnected at the start of the match


It would be cool if GBX could supply us with the global K/A/D ratio for each of the Battleborn… :sunglasses:

(Ssfjustin) #49

That would be amazing.

(Brianjleroux) #50

I agree with most, I’m have mostly played Galilea. She’s almost lvl 12 for me. The trick to her is being aware of how many foes your fighting when pushing. With a Miko on my back I have been able to clean whole teams out, but also using attack speed and damage items. For people playing against her try to keep her health below max. She deals the most damage at max with certain perks.

Ambra is supposed to be a “healer” yet hits like an assassin. Not played but I have focused on trying to kill her for Galileas lore. The over shield and speed boost keep her alive in most instances.

Shane and Aurox, if played well, is the biggest annoyance. She is tanks as a get out and her abilitys can be built around survivability.

So this last thing is about El Dragon. One game I played against an El Dragon and I swear all he did was his Secondary clap stack with the range damage, built attack speed up and went 20 and 2. Most annoying match I ever played.

(Brianjleroux) #51

Your correct Toby dies quick if caught out. He is a strict support/harrasser.

(Ssfjustin) #52

Added some new stuff!, Feel free to comment on thoughts!

(Ssfjustin) #53

You are right about El Dragon, however I’m finding difficulty to find a good tier placement for him. I think hes balance but when i go toe to toe with him his damage seems crazy.

(Ssfjustin) #54

I agree 100%, I’ve played attikus for so many games trying to find that sweet spot in him but falls short when I come to the realization that everything about him is too slow. I’ve won games with him but this is due to inexperience players and i try not to let this cloud my judgement with attikus being good.

(Ssfjustin) #55

Agree, but the idea of attikus is not to get out of danger but to get into it. That is the point of a brawler which he fails at.

(Sgabriel1987) #56

I disagree with Deande. She is a very complicated character to just pick up and use.
Her attacks are weak if you just run to someone’s face and slash away.

Read her passive, her attacks and her Helix skills. Once you understand them and figure out how to chain stuff together, you’ll burst down enemies extremely fast if you’re good at keeping up with people.

Also she can juggle people in the air infinitely (if you do it right) with the correct helix skill.

I don’t use her alt unless I am in a strictly 1v1 situation and no minions are near me.

(Warshark13) #57

to unlock El Dragon, it says win 5 matches with LLC, does that have to be in online versus? Or can it be done in story mission? I’m a little confused on a lot of the requirements for unlocks. Is there a place to see progress?

(Ssfjustin) #58

I appreciate your input for deande but i played many games and i can honestly say that she is underpower as far as damage wise. She cannot confirm a kill and is very squishy in the battlefield. The biggest problem is waiting for the “Hit and run” play that people say shes good at but another problem is she will not receive exp making her under level if shes not active in battle. You will have to be very good with Deande to make her effective…

(Sgabriel1987) #59

I just don’t think assassin type characters are for you. Your last sentence is the key. Thats why she’s listed as advanced. You can’t play everyone and expect to be decent with them, especially assassin type characters. Confirming kills is easy for her if you are good with her but I agree with her being squishy which is why she has one of the best escapes in the game.

While you wait for an opportunity to get a kill you should be whittling down HP with your thrown blades or taking out minions. Assists and minions give you exp.

Late game she can 100-0 any squishy.

For me, only Galilea and Benedict gives me problems.


I saw an Ambra go 30-0 last night. She was soloing the enemy turret and I only out healed her by 10k as Miko.