BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

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I’m am a pretty well rounded player and can adapt to most of characters play style. I will give Deande another go and reply back to you. I will try aggressive , defensive, hit and run and all other styles available to her. You definitely right about her escape infact i think its the best in the game. Thanks for the insight on Deande.

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LOL! yea shes a big problem at the moment.

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List looks good to me, I’d personally move El Dragon up a notch. A smart El Dragon that plays it right and keeps his undisputed champion stacks is an absolute monster, especially late in the game. Glad you moved Miko out of the tier with Ambra/Galilea, they’re in league of their own for sure.

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Played a few games with her, its actually that one mutation called “uppercut” that allows her to lock her foes in place which I find very good. There’s also an augmentation that does more damage to weaker characters that is good when ensuring a kill. shes probably one of the few characters that can go toe to toe against ambra. i’ll keep playing Deande and give you an update.

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try giving this a look see. it put me in a pretty good direction for deande and the results showed

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Thank you Mor_Dhounuts, I will try that build this upcoming game.

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ISIC is a little overpowered in my opinion since they pretty much buffed every aspect of him since the CTT. He does great damage from his charged shots that can be used to out snipe Marquis. He still has his anti melee orbs that they didn’t nerf and were the only good part about him in the CTT. His shield combined with his high health and wards make him really tanky and they even buffed his ult to do great damage even without his level 10 helix rockets. Add in a 2 second stun from his dash which acts as a great initiator and escape and you pretty much have a character that can do everything…

Toby doesn’t play the way the game thinks he does. He is a backline sniper that excels at high damage and minion control. They gave him his mobility so he can escape if a melee character comes into his personal bubble. Overall his mines are a little glitchy and his ult doesn’t do enough damage for the amount of time your just standing there shooting the thing.

Both are great characters at the moment and just take a little getting used to to be effective with them.


Good points. :slight_smile:


So Toby is Tier B now even though he is more sniper and does not fit his description. Attikus remains lowest tier. I dont get your complains about him… His powered up melee pretty much beats every other melee 1-1. He is slow? Pinn them up against the wall. His jump allows to escape AND it allows ro close dustance to a weakend enemy AND allows you to stun an enemy possibly even multiple ones. His Arc heals you, his Arc deals immense damage. His ultimate can easily (with charge) disrupt a lot of enemies and keep them from escaping. It disrupts other ults. On level 5 (the level you get the ult) he gains acces to an mutation wich reduces the cost of the special versions from 1 stack to 5 Stacks. Wich pretty much negates the whole he takes to long to gain stacks discussion. He draws the enemy fire due to his size granting your time more time before a fallback. If you buff this character he will become broken. Seriously guys, dont put him away as underpowered before thouroughly testing him. Im level 55 right now i played the game alot the few days at least trust me enough to give him another shot.

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@ssfjustin - I think you were right to lower Rath. I had a couple of games yesterday where he wrecked me, so I started playing with him in personal games to see what he was about. To my surprise I felt weak. So today I’ve been keeping a much closer eye on any Rath and being more aggressive against him. Playing as Thorn, you’d think i’d lose any 1v1 against him, but no, I’ve been doing well now. Rath has no gap closer or stun till he’s near by so if you can hit him before he’s close then it’s fairly equal. Galilea is much harder, once stunned its over.

Had some great games today, teams have been brilliant. But I wish people would HEAL when they play a healer!!

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Thanks Dr_HoHo, People gave me mix feelings on ISIC saying he’s either too weak, balanced and for some overpowered. My friend and I were discussing his role in the arena and we thought about Bouldur. Isic and Bouldur are both tanks with a shield with charges and stuns However, Isic is far more superior than Bouldur. It made us question is spot in the game because if you were going to role tank for your team, Why choose Bouldur over Isic? He does way more damage, he has 2 shields and rather mobile and can clear minion waves faster than Bouldur. I’m really considering putting him in A tier once I get more Data and play long games for myself.

As for Toby, I am in a really weird place with him, its the only reason why I keep him in the balance tier. Some guys I can really kill it and others I get completely destroyed. It makes me wonder if Toby is better against certain matchups in addition of countering playstyles. I can’t give a full answer yet.

Thanks so much for helping me through this Tier list Dr_HoHo. If you get a chance to play anymore characters please let me know.

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Haha, So true about people playing Miko. I get pretty frustrated when I see them throwing knives rather than healing. Don’t they know the power of the Miko Beam? Anyways, I feel the same way as you do Darth_Furion, I played Rath and I got many kills with him when fighting inexperience teams but as soon as I go up against a good team that knows Rath and its like I become a rookie all over again. Its mostly because of his easly and recognizable playstyle-- the moment he starts spinning they know to either stun or knock him up. So now he has to use the tools he is his left with to ensure a kill. Either that or he has to escape. He is not a bad character but can easily be outplayed to the experience player.

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I’d like to see Rath’s Ultimate ability changed to only cancel on stun. Let knockups, knockbacks, slows, and such still affect him without cancelling the ultimate. Only loss of consciousness cancels the channel.

I feel most Ultimate abilities should only be cancelled upon stun, though. The last thing you really want for MOBAs is for it to become a CC fest. Taking control over character away from the player should be done as little as possible without sacrificing variety and unique abilities. Certainly, battles should not be a hocus pocus of interrupting chain CC.

It’s always been, in my opinion, a bad design decision to ever take control away from the player. A little bit can provide spice and tactical options… But it very easily leads to a slippery slope that negatively affects the overall gameplay.

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Lucaandrejgeyer I really like your commitment to Attikus and it gives me the courage to do a thorough analyzing of Attiukus. Maybe the problem is not in Attikus but perhaps his placement in Incursion map, If this game had more lanes then maybe it can give him the ability to single out targets and pounce on them since the characters would be more spread out. Atleast this way he wouldn’t be taking so much heat in team fights. I will give him another go and consider all the facts and get back to you today.

Thank you Lucaan

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So Boulder is actually good in the right hands
I’ve been destroying with him lately and achieving kills
He does massive damage and has crazy battlefield disruption and when he uses his ult he dominates and does insane damage especially if you get some rage stacked onto it Uploading…
He is crazy in the right hands and that pic was from my first game with him

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Is this List mainly for PvP? Because PvE-wise, ISIC is probably S-Tier. His Ultimate just decimates the enemies, especially in “wave segments.”

PvP-wise, I have been Playing as ISIC or Toby & I think they are really great Battleborn. here are my thought on them;

ISIC’s Rotating Wards are great for soaking up damage & his Plasma Dash is excellent for recovery/halting minion progression, his Plasma Cannon is a great weapon, but I feel like his Aeigis Shield could use some work. I almost never find a reason to use it other than to shield from Marquis’ shots due to how fast it usually breaks when I use it anywhere else. Half the time, I completely forget I even have it. Omega Strike is incredibly deadly in PvP, as he is the only Battleborn(that I know/played) who’s Ultimate doesn’t expire/enter cooldown until you either manually exit or get stunned. Using an overcharged Rotating Wards then entering Omega Strike is like entering God Mode for a brief amount of time.

Other than his Aegis Shield being too weak/under-used & his Omega Strike being a bit too strong, I think ISIC is balanced, PvP-wise.

Toby on the other hand, needs a few adjustments.

His Railgun is incredibly powerful, even more if you pick his first right side Helix, but in close quarters, it’s almost useless. His Pulse Mines, however, alleviate this a bit as it discourages Melee-oriented Battleborn from getting too close; they’re also great for softening up enemy minions, especially with the Helix that slows down enemies in a Pulse Mine. My biggest issue with Toby is his Shield; it’s too weak. His Shield is suppose to be mainly used to hold down a fort whilst powering up his Railgun, but in most cases, the shield breaks almost instantly of setting it down(this occurs much more often in PvE).

Marquis is a huge threat against Toby, because two shots from his cane sniper is enough to shatter the shield & 4-5 shots are enough to kill Toby, & seeing how big the shield & Toby are, it’s really easy to land those shots. His Ultimate Skill also needs to be buffed. For being his supposed “Ultimate,” it really lacks power/range compared to a Railgun shot from a Shield(heck, even without the shield, the Railgun packs more of a punch than the Beam).

He also has these 3 “boosts” that propel him in an evasive manner, but I almost never use these(except with the Helix “Panic Mode”, that gives Toby a 30% Damage Resistance whenever all 3 boosts are used, but I still forget to use them). Instead of boosting to the sides, I would prefer that they boost him upward for limited double jumps(yes, I’m aware one of his Helix allows him to propel upward, but I feel like it should’ve been with him from the start).

Right now, I’m trying to level up to play as my favorite character from the Technical Test, Caldarius, see how much he changed(Rank 25 right now).


Guys there has been a fix by gearbox. check it out:


might fundamentally change the tiers…

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Working on it might friend, right now I’m playing as Ghalt, these games last 15-30 mins you know lol


no offense, just wanted to make sure everyone takes notice of it.