BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(Salsacookies) #82

Happy to see Ghalt is awesome now, can’t wait to play him when the full game comes out.

(Dr H0 H0) #83

I’ll be doing a very thorough breakdown of every character after the beta so if your are still on the fence about a character or just didn’t get enough time in using them feel free to check that out and maybe it will help you in your placement.

(Ssfjustin) #84

Actually I do need help Dr_hoho. The beta ends in a couple days and I still haven’t gotten around to Thorn, Whiskey and Marquis. If you can give me a good thorough review of any of them that would be great, i’ll add it in the tier list and credited it you. It doesn’t have to be perfect since we are in beta, just a good sense of where the character stands in teamfights, playstyle etc. Thanks friend

(Dr H0 H0) #85

I guess I’ll get started on the breakdown tonight and start with those 3 you listed then.

Toby, Battleborn's Artillery
(Ssfjustin) #86

Hey Everyone, added a toby tier and a video to go with it. I hope you enjoy it.

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Shayne and Aurox?

(Ssfjustin) #88

Working on it, hard to get through all the characters throroughly

(Thomas Hodge) #89

I disagree with your placement of Reyna, Reyna is a beast (and my main at level 10) and she does amazing damage on top of shielding. I can run into the dumbest situation and survive by shielding an ally or chase people down with spammable homing plasma bolts. basically dps/support mix builds are far more affective for reyna, try mine (,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,1,1,-1,1,) you pick the mutation at level 3 and can pick between a heals and a mutation at level 4 and level 10 is based on preference.

(Ssfjustin) #90

I’m really Glad you said something KickPuncher, I’ve never played as Reyna but I have went against her plenty and her ability to shield the team as well as keep her self alive intrigues me. I wanted to put her as a high tier but I was waiting for someone to bring up a valid argument. Maybe you can elaborate on Reyn and I can put it up on the tier list credited by you?


I unlocked her yesterday and I really like what she offers, but I have a question for you.

is she suitable for playing single-queue? It seems like she would really excel with a premade group, with teammates that understand how she works.

In the one match I tried, I had more success than I expected landing stover shields on people, but I didn’t feel like I was really making as much of a difference as I hoped (despite giving out almost as much healing as our Miko). This could very easily be because I am just starting to learn how she works, but would love to hear your thoughts.



All the extra info you are adding in is really cool, but makes the list difficult to read. Perhaps you might separate out the extras?

(Ssfjustin) #93

I know, the read is really inconsistent and all over the place. I think once the beta is over on the 18th I can edit and make it neater. Right now I’m trying to get as much data as possible before the beta ends


Makes sense. Thanks.

(Rakdanar) #95

I think Deande is relatively balanced. Her roles are to play as an assassin that picks off low health targets, a disruption for the enemy team, and to be a general nuisance on the battlefield.

For the assassin part she is a little lackluster, but that’s because you need to use your primary escape(Holotiwn) in order to do the most damage possible with Deande. She can’t really 1v1 with straight up brute strength, but she has insane outplay potential with her Holotwin.

POSITIONING is the part that separates the good Deandes from the bad. if a Deande has good positioning she can make some seriously stupid plays. her ult stuns up to 5 targets for about 3 seconds. The drawback to her ult though is that it has a bout a 1.5-2 second channel period. If Deande is allowed to get her ult of in a team fight she changes the entire flow of the battle, but if the enemy team is aware of her they can shut her down.

Onto being a nuisance. If you play her on incursion you can solo every single merc camp with uppercut. If you are good with her dashes you can get into the enemy base and even take out their defenses. The amount of sabotage that you can cause with Deande is insane, and her kit makes it safe for her to do it.

My biggest gripe with Deande is her movement speed. She is so slow that if you don’t have some form of boots she is out run by most other characters. Another gripe is that her burst dash is really only good for securing kills or escaping. That’s a big problem because the ability lowers enemy attack damage by a whopping 30%. The cast speed makes it hard to hit. There is one other thing that it does that’s not in the tool tip it pushes enemies a good distance back, effectively making it useless when fighting small mobile characters.

I base all of this on my (level 71, rank 8 Deande) experience playing her and playing against her in both Meltdown and Incursion.

(Z_Ryol [PS4]) #96

Attikus is deffinitely A tier. He melts through people like crazy. He has a mediocre early game (still good if you know what you’re doing), but his late game is psychotically powerful.

(Z_Ryol [PS4]) #97

That level 5 mutation isn’t useful, his skills when fully charged aren’t that great and the health regen is way better in my opinion.

Though, I have a bias against convenience helix choices. I prefer practical ones and his charges aren’t hard at all to bring up, large and giant crystals aswell as minions and thralls bring them up for petes sakes. You get 5 for a player kill, even. It’s a waste to get the mutation over the hp regen, because that hp regen is ridiculous when coupled with a regen gear.

(Ssfjustin) #98

Thank you for your insight Ryol6

(Z_Ryol [PS4]) #99

no worries.

Also note that he gets a 60% damage buff on continuous hits to a target, aswell as a 30% damage debuff to enemies with his hedronic arc shocks in his helix choices. If that’s not crazy good idk what is.

(Opsis) #100

After spending the last couple days playing deande I would say she should be bumped up the list. She is an absolutely incredible character.

She’s reasonably fast, with decent attack and survivabilty. I feel the key to getting the most out of her is to focus on using the ranged attack rather than melee. Her ranged attack has surprisingly good range and with the helix choice that increases damage by 18% it hits like a truck.

The only enemy I’ve had difficulty facing 1vs1 is ambra and we all know she’s a little on the strong side at the moment. Best thing to do is throw your clone down in an enemies face, move behind them or to their flank whilst stealthier and pound them with ranged attacks from a safe distance. I find enemies often waste their skills on your clone allowIng you to move In with your secondary ability and pound them with your melee attacks if it’s safe to do so, usually by this point the enemy starts to run and you can kill them as they flee.

Her ultra(super? Whatever it’s called) can be amazing help in a team fight, once Again throw in your decoy move round the side/behind the enemy and unleash it. This can do reasonable damage and stun up to 5 enemies for several seconds allowing your team to lay into them without reply. You can then swoop in for the kill on any enemies weak enough to take out or fall back to your team and support with ranged attacks.

So the main point here is to focus mainly on ranged and only use melee when you feel it’s completely safe do so.

Sorry for the essay.

(Ssfjustin) #101

Thank you dpbattlezone, this is one of the more valued information I have gotten on Deande. I’ll be sure to check her out tonight… again.