BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(Opsis) #102

No problem, the thing to keep in mind with her is that she’s not a front line shock trooper. Her best position is actually as support to true front liners like galilea and rath. Moving in and out of combat as appropriate, stunning with her ultimate and throwing down her decoy as an extra target to distract the enemy.

(Thomas Hodge) #103

Reyna is suitable for single queue once you figure everything out, although you are most likely correct that she would be amazing with a party, I haven’t been able to try that. Something I found though is the most effective way to play her is a mix of DPS and support with another full support on your team. Then you can have you and one other person in your lane and 2 people and a support in the other.


Thanks, appreciated. I definitely see her as a support/dps mix. What do you think of her ultimate?

(Thomas Hodge) #105

OK, so Reyna I think would mostly likely be A or B, I’d have to talk to some other Reyna players to figure that out, but I can certainly tell you her strengths. Reyna is decent to begin the game, she is helpful for support doing a bit of damage, but she is a beast later in the game. This is because of her ability to save people near flawlessly from the beginning of the game without upgrades, so you can focus on DPS until mid game. Because of this by level 3 you have homing plasma bolts with a laser gun that deals 25-50% more damage. Then your shield starts healing or giving a 16% damage buff (lvl 4 mutation). Now you move into stuff like -15% cooldown, +100 to over shield and straight damage buffs. So really, she has so much support ability to begin with that she doesn’t need to spec into it that much.

(Thomas Hodge) #106

I don’t use her ult very much aside from when I’m running away, but I’m sure I’d use it a ton if I got the upgrade that means I can disable shields.


You can drop her ult for your team mates, it works for them as well. What I do most of the time with reynas ult is setting it up where the enemy has an initial advantage to level the odds. Reyna alone dies fast. She can do some damage but shes not a dps character. Her weapons are mainly made to remove shields. But if you pair up reyna with another character she is amazing and has an incredible survivability. By the way, does her ivershield count as healing? Because whenever i play her, even with miko or ambra in the same team i have the highest healing dealt at the end.

Battleborn: [D] Tier Attikus

Ryol, I actually really like Attikus the level 5 mutation. It powers up all 3 of your abilities, since you can now use nearly always use their stacked up version. Your jump annihilates shields (Im looking at you kleese), your Arc jumps over to nearby targets wich adds up nice with Siphoning (I often kill/assisst people i never even attacked, just because the arc jumped over)and i dont have to talk about the ult right? It just overs so much for one upgrade and makes the whole character a lot more versatile, though ill definetly give the regeneration a chance and try it out thoroughly. I can imagine that it boosts the survivability of attikus quite alot.

Battleborn: [B]alance TIER Caldarius
(Z_Ryol [PS4]) #109

Yea, I went a bit extreme by saying it wasn’t useful, I meant it wasn’t useful for the way I play. I’m obsessed with HP in these kinds of games and I almost always have my charges up unless i’ve used pounce to flee.

In my experience as Attikus you get focused a hell of a lot, so I have a hard time staying in a fight without a reliably strong hp bar.

(Ssfjustin) #110

Hey everyone, added some adjustments as well as links for each character. Now each link sends you to the characters discussion board that way the post wont be so cluttered. I don’t have a lot of time to look at each character therefore I am in need of contributors for ISIC, BENEDICT and MIKO. Thank you all for the support


Your Benedict response needs some work. You’re saying he’s good when he’s up high, and bad when he’s not. A good Benedict won’t go down to duel people.

His damage output is pretty high, his wave clear is also high, and his kill confirm potential is really good. His tracer rocket lets him get kills almost effortlessly. You don’t have to aim at the champion after you hit them with Hawkeye. You can literally aim at the sky, which will also let you get around terrain. All of this, and not even to mention his ult. The only character that can really effectively stop him is Marquis.

If you want a better understanding of him to put here, message me.

(Ssfjustin) #112

If you can give me a compelling reason why he should be a higher tier then sure - let me know in the messages, I’m open to anything but other than that I never had a problem with him yet.

Battleborn: Tier [B]alance Mellka (Battleborn's Cobra)
Battleborn: A Tier Marquis
Battleborn: [B]alance Tier Kleese

Sure, I’ll hit you up later. I don’t actually play him, but m friend does and Benedict really does just bring a lot to the table. Do you play on PS4? We could play a few games.

(Ssfjustin) #114

Just finished with Kleese, enjoy my bit on the territorial support! Jeez one more day of beta and so many characters…

(Ssfjustin) #115

HEY EVERYONE! Just finished what I can with the rest of the characters. I didn’t have enough time to get to them all so hopefully someone can message me a nice review of the characters I missed!, thanks!

(Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight!) #116

I have no idea why you didn’t put ISIC in [A], he has no drawbacks and can easily ■■■■ virtual poop all over Montana.

(aka LightBRz) #117

OM is A tier for sure!

(Ssfjustin) #118

Yep, Dr_H0H0 is working on ISIC in at the moment, it will be changed soon

(Ssfjustin) #119


(Fyrefox45) #120

Reyna should be in the same tier as miko. As a support, she can heal as much as a Miko, and brings so much more versatility to the table at the same time. Her ult is very useful for getting free hits on the sentry and protecting minions once mobile, she can keep people slowed for what… 12 seconds or so if they live that long, big targets/players go down faster (usually 8k+ extra damage a match) and she doesn’t have Mikos gigantic crit spot head. Homing pulse Reyna is probably b tier though.

(aka LightBRz) #121

Oscar Mike