BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(Ssfjustin) #122

Agree with this 100%, I’m actually thinking of moving miko to balance tier

(Ssfjustin) #123

A tier for sure huh? lol or maybe even S

(aka LightBRz) #124

Yes, he can push a lane with just one grenade toss, have one of the most powerful ults of the game, have a great dps with pretty good accuracy, and can easily escape with cloack.
If it wasn’t for that napalm grenade you could consider him B, but 720 dmg on an ordinary skill is way too much.

(Tremadog102) #125

Unlike the TF2 medic he can’t overheal players to give them an extra buffer of health. Once they reach full health your job is done. If your team isn’t taking damage, throw out some DPS yourself. If your team starts to take damage, prioritise healing. Playing with a Miko that refuses to heal can be frustrating I know, but he’s labelled as a “Combat Botanist” for a good reason. I’ve even seen people spec for damage and give the opposing team quite a hard time.


Are you accounting for Oscar Mikes mutators in this tier list? Cause if you are, you might want to consider A tier, in all honesty. He can ult while invisible, and it follows him! Lmao. Not to mention some other buffs he gets from the mutators. He also just brings a lot to the table and is a well rounded character.

I thought he was okay in B, but mutators can put him on A, imo.

(Ssfjustin) #127

Agreed, Oscar Mike is definitely up there for sure. In my week of watching Oscar mikes they can really carry the team.

(Tremadog102) #128

Oscar Mike is a very well rounded character. I would expect with a skilled player it would be very difficult to catch him off-balance.

The big flaw I see with people using Oscar Mike is that they rely on his cloaking as an emergency escape. They just stand in front of you and cloak hoping to get away. With the ability to trigger his shield recharge on cloaking that works to an extent but the good Oscar Mikes I’ve seen find a way to break line of sight or use a distraction to increase their chances of getting away.

He’s a good character but sadly my frame rate isn’t allowing me to hit anything smaller than a Wolf Drone most of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’ve killed quite a fie invisible Oscar Mikes who just run thinking I can’t see them at all…

(Dwarfurious) #130

By all means, put Boldur in D tier. Go ahead, convince them he needs a buff. Boldur dares you.

(Ssfjustin) #131

Lmao that is awesome, he needs a different kind of buff.

(Dwarfurious) #132

His taunts needs a buff more than anything. Wasnt to fond of his special skins either, was just more color changes :frowning: and maybe a marketing buff? Hes the leader of the Eldrid, stop letting thorn hog the camera! BOLDUR RODE A BATTLEBEAR INTO COMBAT, why is this not an ultimate?

(Ssfjustin) #133

You mean that same battlebear that had an epic entrance that stun everyone when cast and emitted an aoe damage buff when bouldur rode it near allies? Stop it dwarfurious, you are going to get staff members fired at gearbox. Just let them copy & paste Montana’s ultimate and put it onto Bouldur and call it “Rune pixie dust”

(Dwarfurious) #134

I actually really enjoy Boldurs ult, its unique and very impactful. “Surprise! BOLDUR IS MAGIC!”
But having him ride a battle bear has to happen. Hopefully in his campaign mission.

(Triazic) #135

I played probably near to 40 matches with Boldur and won the vast majority with some great k/ds, minion kills etc, BUT he does feel decidedly weak until level 5 and has a hard time getting there. Once I swapped my gear loadout with all 0 activation costs and a shard generator, and spent early game desperately building things to get to lvl 5 asap, I had a lot more success. At level 5 he not only gets his super useful ultimate, but also the +30% movement speed on rage. From level 5 I feel omnipotent. Before level 5 I feel trash. My recommendation would be to weaken his shield a bit, buff his base axe damage and axe toss damage a bit (axe toss does a shade too little damage I feel… maybe a 5-10% buff), and reduce the % bonuses to attack damage and the like given by the ultimate. Also a lot of his helix options are no-brainers… would like to see some other viable choices in there.

(Dwarfurious) #136

Yeah i was tempted to grab a free -build cost but i wanted strong items instead for a better late game (max hp!), gotta play aggressive and greedy, use that unarmed movement speed to snatch up crystals and build towers! Personally i preferred 15% damage mitigation on rage over the speed. What was the character 12 Helix? His first two unlocks were just awful and next two were great.
Dont want his shield weakened since its basically what he gets instead of a cleave attack, thats the price he may pay and it certainly does not help him level up.

Since gali and boldur are the two weapon/shield characters i tend to compare them a lot, another reason i hate gali and gali players :stuck_out_tongue: spoiled, so spoiled. Can you imagine if Axe Toss stunned ? Certainly easier to land than boulderdash.
Interesting Helix… make axe toss stun, but the axe gets stuck in them for the duration, so you can stun them but you wont murder them with your axe. Unless you summon a new one with your ulti/take the inferior axe retrieving helix.
Went 20:0 (wins/losses not k/d) in Meltdown with boldur but of course i didnt solo que always in a group of 2-5 for ranked and sometimes it really felt like hitting 5 turned the tides, but i wouldnt be surprised if they’ve never even seen a Boldur, so thats kind of a natural advantage. It was on kalo’s stream @01:12:00 mark close fought game

(Triazic) #137

Yeah I was using Boldur as a shard runner from level 1-5. He’s great at it to begin with by being able to give himself +30% movement speed out of the gate, which becomes +60% at level 5 if you take the speed option, because crystals trigger rage.

I don’t think I got to lvl 12. I remember one mutation was to bounce backwards after Boldurdash, and one gave him +18% barehanded damage at low health… oh and one gave +15% damage to enemies hit by axe toss! I used that a lot with his ultimate axe toss. Huge AOE damage with slow AND damage buff afterwards. Pretty great. But again… only after level 5 lol.

I like your axe stun idea.

Also the hitbox on Boldurdash seems bizarrely narrow given the width of his shield… if it’s not dead on, I just fly past them and end up in hella bad spots.

(Dwarfurious) #138

EXACTLY every boldur player says that! I’ve even gotten STUCK on a target because it caught my shield and stopped me but didnt do anything >: | Axe stun idea i think is fair, it would give synergy to an under-used Helix, add planning to using your ulti/skills so that you could stun and summon a new axe, and make people FEAR BOLDUR >: |
Honestly i think the things boldur need most are just a passive HP regen boost (like its stated he should have but doesnt?) so he has some actual sustain, like the more hp he has missing the more he regens. Would make early game more merciful.
And fix boldurdash. I think it should be like “Gather no moss” by default, knock up in air, multiple targets. Helix it into a stun if you want. That way its not like montanas and actually lets him bowl people like he should.

(Triazic) #139

He has sufficient sustain once he hits level 5 though due to the health regen from ult shield. I would be down with increasing his base health regen and reduce that given by the shield.

Effectively my balance view on Boldur is this:

  1. Buff his base stats (damage, health regen)
  2. Reduce the base stat gain (not utility!) gained from his ult to compensate (health regen from shield, damage bonus on axe)
  3. Make his helix options far more attractive. So many no-brainers are in there.

(and do something about the hitbox on Boldurdash).

(Dwarfurious) #140

I love the damage bonus on the axe though :frowning: I mean, it really makes you want to NOT use your abilities unless you can get it back again, puts him in a weird situation. Throwing that explosive axe is nice but then you’re pretty gimped since you cant pick it up.
Would like to see Runic Boldurdash explode even if you hit nothing. Doesnt seem to. I mean, it doesnt actually add that much to the skill, just a small damage aoe, maybe should cause explosive knockback like Montanas?

(Insanity Engine) #141

Just wanted to say this list, in it’s final state… I can’t agree more with the position of everything (Save maybe ISIC, who is probably the strongest character right now.)

Absolutely everything here is on point and I really hope gearbox pays attention to this and uses it as a ruler for making adjustments to some characters.

Edit: After some consideration, I feel boldur may be too low. I played him a good bit and I found his damage to be satisfactory, and his ability to avoid death and stop incoming damage to be plenty effectual. As a tank in this game with big body tanks meant for actually taking bullets for your team, I don’t think he works… But as a melee characters who does damage and is hard to kill, he’s good. I’ve single handedly won a match with boldur with my team doing more than poorly, so I don’t think he can be bad as someone like attikus. Perhaps he needs a tweak, but he can have a stun and a slow, he can have some of the most health, he has the best shield, and can be really fast… Compared to ISIC he isn’t as good, but I think he works in his own right.