BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(Dwarfurious) #142

I think he is an effectual tank in that he hurts enough to not ignore. Remember, hes a Tank/Brawler, i dont think anyone else is a Tank/Brawler, so he excels at sticking the fight to someone 1v1. Surprised i didnt see more ISIC’s considering how much i enjoyed him for his tankiness and ultimate damage abilities.

(Insanity Engine) #143

Yeah he can be really disruptive and hard to kill, therein lies his strength imo. He’s not a tank like montana who can physically block bullets, he’s a fast little bugger that you can’t get off you. And when you do take the time to shoot at him, he puts up his shield, backs up, waggles his ass at you, and takes his infernal annoyance to someone else. He was one of my favorite characters, I loved being able to sprint with my shield up which let me approach anyone safely and start ruining their day.

(Ssfjustin) #144

I am really glad you like the list!

Unfortunately the beta was only about a week and I tried my best to thoroughly review all 26 characters and I have to admit, This tier list was pretty spontaneous and didn’t think i would take it serious until how fun the game became, with that being said, i was trying to get through characters quickly and didn’t check bouldur enough (like I did attikus) to really understand him. The reason why I put him in D tier really wasn’t because of Bouldur itself but the actual game design. For example, tanks should get exps while soaking damage in a blocking state or have an aura buff for nearby friendlies. I guess I play too many moba games to have some kind of expectations for tanks. Anyways, Bouldur is good but needs a different kind of buff because we seen the damage he could do, the only question remains: is he effective in team fights while popping in and out of shield?

Thank you Arcsteiiscool

(Insanity Engine) #145

I always grab the helix upgrade that allows him to move full speed in shield, allowing him to maintain threat and therefore pressure. I wholeheartedly believe he continues to be effective in teamfights while popping in and out of shield, because he has skills which make him disruptive and damage that makes him a problem. He’s one of the most persistant melee characters in the game due to how hard he is to kill, and with backup he causes havoc because you have a tank stuck on you while someone else is pelting you.

I dunno, I just feel he’s a strong character. Especially considering the rune effect on his shield makes him heal damage to his shield, and at level 10 both his helix options are just absurd. An unbreakable shield, or getting 60%+ bonus melee damage. Like, my goodness. Is he A tier? B tier? I don’t know. I don’t think he’s as good as ISIC (Who I believe is way too strong, but I’m not 100% sure), but he’s a good character regardless.

(Ssfjustin) #146

Guess we will see when the game is release, I am sure that there will be teams that can craft a synergy that will make bouldur insane.

(Dwarfurious) #147

Well his stun can effect more than one enemy at a time in a team fight and his hp/damage mitigation means he wont need to raise his shield anytime soon!

(Ssfjustin) #148

New tier and review for you Dwarfurious by Dr_h0h0, enjoy friend.

(Insanity Engine) #149

And now I don’t agree with whiskey being D instead of C, haha.

Whiskey intrigues me because out of all the characters, save maybe marquis, whiskey encourages playing the game almost entirely like a pure FPS. He has halo style sticky nades, a shotgun, and a battle rifle, with the most uninspired ultimate in the game. And I really enjoy the character.

I’m just not good enough of an aim (as well as having latency issues, turning hitscan weapons into projectile weapons…) to really get a feel for how accurate his weapon is, and if he can consistantly land headshots as opposed to something an oscar mike can do. If whiskey can accurately peg people’s head with that rifle, I think he’s strong, he just doesn’t have that strength in his skills like someone like rath, who hits F and everyone dies.

If I had anything to say about what to boost about whiskey, it’s that it feels like landing a stick doesn’t feel that rewarding. I didn’t have an issue with scrap blast’s damage, but it felt like every time I landed a stick on someone I didn’t get much out of it. You have to upgrade it to get the slow so you can pour damage on it, but if I could change it…I’d honestly make it stun at the end of the duration if it was a successful stick. Maybe just 1 second, maybe 1.5, but something that makes it feel like landing that difficult skillshot got me somewhere (And also gives the game another level 1 stun, which I think it needs for a healthy meta).

Maybe scrap blast needs more damage or something, I don’t know, I didn’t have issues with that. The only other thing is his ult has way too long of a recovery on it. It isn’t massively hindering, it’s mostly just obnoxious. It also takes a long time to put the clip in, which makes it hard to use it in response to someone getting stunned, slowed, or just generally appearing and you needing to kill them. It means you need to prepare the ult, and I’m not 100% on how I feel about that.

(Dr H0 H0) #150

He just overall needs a damage boost as he just doesn’t fulfill his role of assassin at all. In comparison even when landing crits i believe i was hitting around 62 with Whiskey with his slow fire rate while Caldarius with his tmp does 60 on the dot. His ult should be able to out damage someone getting healed by Miko but it can’t without constant crits and with it’s high recoil it’s almost impossible to do so.

Don’t get me wrong i never did bad with him but in comparison with everyone else his dps just isn’t up to par. I could get around 100k+ damage with Oscar Mike a game while I’m getting around 60k with Whiskey.

(Insanity Engine) #151

I still believe that giving stick a 1 second stun on pop would make sticking people way more meaningful, instead of being the only way to reasonable use the skill and it still getting you nothing. (Unless you grab the napalm upgrade, at which point…just play oscar.)

It would let him actually assassinate targets because he could actually disable them. But sure, damage boost sounds alright too.

(Ssfjustin) #152

I just feel like he brings nothing to team games except damaging another character, atleast with mike he can clear waves and destroy sentries. This guy is a D tier for sure.

(Insanity Engine) #153

You know what, you’re probably right. And his damage is too low for that to even matter, with no real CC except the slow on his stick, he brings nothing but disappointment to the team.

RIP Whiskey Foxtrot, may you be buffed on release.

(Dr H0 H0) #154

Even with a stun his dps is to minuscule to really tip it in your favor unless you use his ult. 62 damage on crit with his slow fire rate just isn’t enough damage since his rifle is more suited for mid to far range with the scope i would have expected more damage upon landing crits. You could buff his crit damage but then fast characters will still rip him apart.

I would like to see a small damage buff as well as more utility with his sticky grenade and scrap cannon. They should just remove the napalm and add a slow or something so Mike would be the better wave clear character while Whiskey could be better at 1v1’s. where he stands now Mike is just overall a way better choice.

(Ssfjustin) #155

Probably the best thing they can do for whiskey instead of killing him off is to keep him, but revamp his abilities to give him his own identity, Give him a prone ability that allows him to go in stealth or allow his ultimate to call in a tank support minion for 7 seconds, give him something!!!

(Insanity Engine) #156

Ahaha, no, I love the character’s skills. I can literally just go dumb and pretend I’m playing halo because he has no dumb or odd gimmicks. I’m just playing an FPS when I play whiskey, and I like that. I just think he needs to bring more to the team (LIKE A STUN ON STICK I’M NOT GIVING UP ON THIS), and probably more damage. He should be another good long ranged character, with the nice close ranged option of his scrap blast. I think his skills work, they just need to be improved.

(Ssfjustin) #157

Alrighty i’ll take your word for it. You seem to really like the character and that’s whats important!


A stun on stick won’t be much good considering how often you get his sticky nades to land. Having a stun on stick would also only be useful on enemy battleborn. I wouldn’t see much use in stunning any bots for 1-1.5 seconds. Even as @Dr_H0H0 said, his damage is too miniscule for that stun to even out his damage output. In my opinion, he needs to have his scrap cannon push enemies back as a base trait and not a helix upgrade, his rifle damage buffed back to what i saw in Stealthshampoo’s YouTube video of him pre beta with his base damage per shot at 59 and crit at 170, and THEN either reduce or remove the animation both before and after his ult OR reduce the cooldown on scrap cannon.

(Dwarfurious) #159

Stun Sticky? Little strong with triple grenades, make it the competition? Also, preferably have the stun go off when the thing detonates as opposed to when the grenade sticks.


Stun on detonation is something i could get behind

(Ssfjustin) #161

Finished’s Mellka’s Tier Review, hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to leave a comment about her!