BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #162

I played alot of OM and S&A. A LOOOOOT.

OM needs some changes for sure. He is surprising versatile for such a simple character. The way I had him build was optimized for taking out supports, buildings, and minions (apparently) Whereas other people have made builds making him the ultimate assassin. His base stats are fine, but some of his helix abilities need some tweaking.

Shayne and Aurox are my favourite though. There’s never a dull moment when I play S&A. I built them so I could negate a lot of a target’s shields by using fetch, repair my own, AND get overshield on top of that.

They aren’t broken, but their helix abilities could use tweaking as well. Nothing too major, but a slight change here and there would make a world of difference. Where exactly? Beats me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

TL;DR: I played a lot of Oscar Mike as well as Shayne & Aurox, and they do need a bit of a nerf. But only in regards to their Helix abilities. Their stats are fine as they are.

(Sebastian) #163

Well S&A have some “useless” helix ability’s on lvl 6. But yeah some require balancing because most choises are a lot better than others so you always end up with the same picks no matter the situation.


Pretty encouraging that 22/25 characters are in the two main tiers.

(Ssfjustin) #165

Yea, I think this game is pretty well balance for release. However I am sure people out there will create crazy meta teams that will have to be looked at by gearbox.

(Sebastian) #166

Something that happens to every moba’like’ game. I think that keeps the game fresh, because you always have to be creative and inventive. And i think it also stimulates you to try new heroes :slight_smile:

(Ssfjustin) #167

Hey Everyone, added a Mellka Damage breakdown Video to the mix, enjoy

(Brekebrekek) #168

Nice, I need to watch all related videos today when I get home, few days to release and time is running slow :slight_smile:

Anyway, please don’t nerf Ambra to the ground, shes hilarious character to play, her trashtalking is best. I was constantly laughing after every sentence she said :slight_smile:


I think nerf her attack slightly and increase her healing.

But then again I say that about most support characters. :innocent:

(Master of Eeveelution) #170

It seems I may be a bit late to this discussion but I have my disagreements about Deande being a C-tier character.

Instead of reengaging in this debate I’ll share two links to brief discussions I was involved in regarding Deande -

(Brekebrekek) #171

Yes… I believe they find some compromis… Not just ‘nerf her to the ground’…

(TarzTarkus) #172

Orendi - s rank

Correction - god rank


Deande got buffed so she is better now. HYPE!


Is that on early access? Where is that info?


yea early access watch some streams.


All I could find is this on reddit about her uppercut being nerfed: “@Jythri confirmed that uppercut is getting toned down. Didn’t say in what way.”

(lmabear) #177

TI think what makes me saddest is that you take “Gather No Moss” haha.

“Aegis of Anger” is like the KEY Boldur helix. It allows you to choose when to be tanky. To follow up that wall knock back stun with the damage, and to know you have a shield +50% damage reduction after level 5 on your initiate. Imo at least.

(Dwarfurious) #178

I think his dash should DEFAULT as ‘gather no moss’ instead of being a stun, helix it into a stun maybe =/

(lmabear) #179

Oh I misunderstood. I’m a tired cookie.

(Dwarfurious) #180

Think about it, sure he loses a stun which is awesome, but boldurdash would bowl through everything in the way so he couldnt be body blocked, and if hes chasing someone he could safely dash into their back knowing he’ll end up infront of them ! Plus then it wont be an inferior clone of montanas =/


ah, no, don’t start with that meta thing, i cancelled my preorder of overwatch because all they care is for you to play inside the meta.

i won’t play chicken chaser “don’t get that kill, heal me now so i can get the kill” miko and im not playing “soak all the bullets without killing anyone” montana.

if battleborn will turn into a meta-only game, im on time to cancel my preorder too.