Beta feedback on Battleborn

Hello gearbox.
Love you guys and live Borderlands 1 and 2!! Best games ever!! I still Tiny Tina ring tone on my phone. Battleborn however, was not good. I hate to say it but:
The mechanics did not feel like it was shooter based.
The level up didn’t give great options to level up and only got to level up to level 9 where I didn’t feel more powerful.
The specials were not that special.
I played 3 shooter characters and the best was the old English sniper dude. The big guy and Oscar Mike were not fun to play. Shooting mechanics were not responsive. The specials were not that special. No zooming in for the guns!?!?
Level design seem liner and stale, like I was playing multiplayer with bots.

The only good thing was the humor.

Please make Boarderworlds with playable tiny Tina!!! Also more locations and funny characters thank you

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