Beta for Xbox 1 is not working

For the past day now all I could do was a solo campaign in story mode because the matching system or sever is not working. But now it won’t even let me into game, at the title screen it keeps saying my xbox does not have a network connection. Yet I keep testing my network and it’s fine I’m even playing other games.
This is really sad I played the game all for one evening liked what I saw and have been thinking of purchasing. Yet these issues and not being able to connect or find other players defets the point of a game like this. I would rather play HALO 5 COD or any other number of games then deal with this issue

I understand this is beta and I hope it can be fixed soon

I can’t even start a game. When launching the game I get kicked to main dashboard. I preordered this game but I will taking my money else where.

It really really is frustrating from what I played I really enjoyed but went to crap all day the 14th and still has not been fixed. That makes me nervous about blowing money on a game that you can’t even reliably play

Have any of you figured out how to play this game? It just keeps saying that our NAT is strict, when I answer no, it says logging in, then it just says that it has found an internal certificate error… Blaaahhaha!! We have been playing other games on the xbone today!! Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions on how to fix it besides the B.S. with the NAT. All the other games we play work with our NAT set on “strict”. Thanks