Beta Forum In-Game Communities

One thing I’ve noticed on this forum is that for the most part we all seem to get along so well.

While I’m excited that Battleborn is going gold soon, part of me is also sad that this beta forum will likely be closed and all the good times we’ve had will just be a memory.

If, like me, you want to keep that dream alive, I suggest creating some (unofficial) Battleborn Beta Forum communities. Somewhere where we can all hang out, play battleborn and whinge about Galilea.

So far I’ve only created one for PS4 because I’m too poor to own any other platform. However if you’re part of the PC master race or an XBOXer, please feel free to create one for your platform and post on this thread.


Joined!.. Took me a bit to work it out (new to this stuff), now I have to work out how to add friends, haha (new to all the online stuff).

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Thanks! :mushroom:

Cheers everyone who joined, up to 10 members now.