Beta pre-load on ps4

is it just me or u guys also can’t download the beta client yet?
i just would like to know if i’m an idiot and can’t find it, or isn’t it up yet.
thx for any kind of answer, and i hope i didn’t misspelled anything. :sweat_smile:

Depending on your location, pre-load begins for all platforms:

PS4 – 5pm PST (12am UTC)
PC – 10 am PST (5pm UTC)
Xbox One – 5pm PST (12am UTC)

i know, and i should have been able to down load it 4 hours ago, i’m on ps4, and i’m in CEST so 2+hours from UTC, i keep searching it on the psn but can’t find it anywhere :sweat:

Then you are interpreting the timings wrong: 12 a m UTC means midnight tonight in the EU.

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oh, well, i feel stupid now.
thx a lot my man.