Betalands 3... Multiple Bugs/Problems

I enjoy the game so far, but there are multiple Problems/Bugs that shouldn’t be there after 6 months or even at launch. I have the Steam version (ger but set to english).

I actually bind my abilities to other keys and I have to do it at every single launch of the game, because it doesn’t save them, haven’t found a solution.

The levelscaling doesn’t really work, when I join a game of one of my freinds with a lower level the game shows me enemies of my level, but I stomp them 3-4 times as fast or sometimes even faster as I would normally do, e.g. when playing solo (same difficulty settings in all games across my friends). The damage of my friends and me are worlds apart and this isn’t something that is fun for either of us.

SHiFT is fickle at best, it’s down again at the moment and when we have a connection lagging happens quite often.

After prolonged multiplayersessions we have to restart BL3 because me and my friends start to get stutters, which is kinda odd, any idea/solution why this happens.

This one irritates me, because I’m not even sure where it belongs, my ~1k damage 3 shot burst 12 magazine size The Lob morphed/reverted into a 100 dmg 1 shot 4 magazine size wet noodle. And as far as I can tell that is the version before the Hotfix of February 27, 2020? I mean, how? Was there a new hotfix or something? At this point I’m quite interested in how your patch delivery system works to create this situation. Restarting the game didn’t help.
Edit: SHiFT is back for the moment and The Lob is the way it was before, please fix this. You can’t be serious that I need a working SHiFT connection to have the correct weaponstats…

I can’t set the language ingame, after six months. I actually have to use a launch parameter (steam is set to english, still got the german version, so I had to change it this way).

Lost Loot. It gave me loot ranging from 30-35 when I was level ~22, well probably although scaling issues or something else. Still happens occasionally, but not as often as in the beginning.

NPC got stuck, had to restart the game (the time Typhon follows you around).

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Hotfixes are applied directly to memory and aren’t stored locally - they are downloaded and applied after launching the game while you are at the main game menu. There’s a ‘Hotfix applied’ sign that appears on the post behind your character, along with a chime.

You can check which version of the hotfix it is by looking in the bottome-left panel - the first display in the rotation will list the date it was released on. Note that if you’re not connected to SHiFT for any reason, you won’t get the hotfix.

All prior hotfixes should have been rolled in to the last full game update, which should have been installed with the game when you got it.

Npc following is one of the most inconsistent things this games has. Some times they book it at mak 5 to there destination. Other times they will trip on invisible sticks and just stop all together.

So as you kbow areas scale up to a spicific level for the hosted and anyone on that same progression. When you join a friends lobby and you are over leveled the game simply seems to expand the maximum level those creatures will scale up to. It is still based on the area and there seem to still be maximum levels for some areas. I jumped back and forth between friends when doing my first playthrough. When I helped a friend on one of the Vault Monsters I was roughly 7 levels above it while he was 3 levels under it. The funny thing is the rewards are also all over the place. You can easily take advantage of this buy not picking anything up and then going to lost loot where all the weapon drops will auto scale due to Sanctuary having automatic scaling.

I wish the scaling experience worked better. Within my group of friends we also had two instances where joining someone ahead of them actually saved them to the hosts world state in there single player game. He ended up on Eden 6 at like level 12 with most of the game side quests already completed in his log. He played for another few hours than uninstalled the game because of how pissed he was.