Better Battleborn Matchmaking

Battleborn matchmaking for pc is worst…i cant even find a single player since i brought it…PLZ make matchmaking Better… u can do it by combining all platform server so that xbox, ps4, pc players can play on the same map…
together …it will help pc gamers like us …plz gearbox…plz

That’s not going to happen. Choose a different download region in steam instead (where the game is more popular).

The Devs stated their desire for crossplatform-servers already very early, but its not as easy as one might like to think. Microsoft and Sony have a big thing to say, not to mention Valve/Steam.

From one perspective its a super simple fix - from the Dev´s/companies perspective it may not be that simple.

For further discussion about Matchmaking please continue in this existing MM-related topic to keep all feedback & input together.

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