Better Bot AI, hey?

So I really hate playing with/against randoms in PVP. Private incursion with a few friends and bots is a hoot, though.

Although I couldn’t help but notice that some of the bots are… challenged, from time to time. This is probably WAY low on your priority list, but, I don’t know… maybe think about making the bots more challenging? And private incursions actually count for lore masteries? I feel like it would make a lot of people really happy.


I can agree with the increase of AI difficulty, but allowing lore challenge progression in private matches can raise many big issues such as people just farming lore. If there was a way to manage what lore counted and what didn’t (such as Toby’s Killing on Rails challenge) than it could be quite practical.

As someone who enjoys playing against consistent bots than dealing with the extreme spectrum of variance of people, I would love for the bots to be more fleshed out.

  • Make them actually bother sprinting.
  • Make them try to dodge somewhat erratically rather than run straight at you like an easy target.
  • Make them start running away sooner if they don’t have backup.
  • Make them assist each other better.

Lore challenges in private PvP also sound good to me, especially if you rig them with a friend who joins the enemy team and just stands still for you to kill them. You just get a legendary item from lore challenges. Kill Ambra 25 times? I’m never going to ever do that because I am terrible at PvP, but I’m interesting in seeing what the lore says and what the character legendaries are just out of curiosity.


That’s already happening, honestly, and it’s quite frustrating to run into a player who’s only out for lore in PvP. I honestly don’t see the problem, since you can do the same in PvE for a lot of the lore challenges anyway (example: Shoot X bullets as OM -> use a rubber band and sit back for a while) why not in bot matches? Besides, on consoles at least, if you don’t pay Microsoft or Sony, you can’t access public matchmaking, period. This will give those players a chance to get lore done, too

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I agree, even in other MOBA environments I love facing bots on the highest difficulty.

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I suppose that is a fair point all things considered. I know that’s practically what I did for the last several thousand rounds with Mike. It would sure as hell make that kill Ambra lore much easier -_-’