Better DPS......DPUH + Sheriff's Badge...or DPUH + Explosive Damage Relic

I have been Farming Tinder Snowflake all day for gear to do my OP7 Run with Zer0

Running a Chaotic Neutral Rogue with it’s great boosts to FR and Mag Sze with TwoFang at 11/5

And I seem to be getting kinda consistent results.

DPUH + Explosive Damage Relic outperforms the absolute HOSE that the DPUH + Sheriff’s Badge is.

AND it consistently does so with LESS ammunition consumption.

Are my observations off base or does that 37% Elemental Explosive Damage boost out perform the Pistol damage amd ridiculous FR boost you get from the Badge??

I also kinda noticed that the gun is harder to control when it is going off like a machine gun…and that may be the real cause as I am missing more shots.

Anybody else experience this??? Is this a known fact? Elemental Boosts always trump just about everything??

I’m no mathematician but if I remember right straight up gun damage boosts are additive while explosive/elemental boosts are multiplicative, but again I am not completely positive on that.

If I am wrong someone will no doubt correct my mistake.

You know…I think I remember this as well…

It’s that darn word multiplicative again…LOL

No clue what it means except…bigger/better.

Hey…I was a grunt soldier…not a mathematician…:slight_smile:

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Either way elemental/explosive relics have always given a hefty boost and after the E-tech relics were released a lot of relics became obsolete in the eyes of quite a few people.

I’m pretty sure it is multiplicative; I had used one on Axton with the Cobra and the damage goes from ‘meh’ to borderline Elephant Gun in terms of damage.

A classic post :

Short version : Additive is A x (B+C) / Multiplicative is A x B x C (grossly simplified)

If you are testing I might recommend a 3rd option, one of the torgue allegiance relic with even more firerate. Be curious to see how that would fair.


IMO I use the Sheriff’s badge, because it also affects my Grog and it allows me to heal more/faster when I need to.

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That 15% Extended FFYL time can save your a$$ as well…

But by carrying the Elemental Relic…I can also boost the Ravger as well as my Seeker…without having to switch.

And…the more I think about it…the more I think we have been down this road before and Elemental ALWAYS wins because of that multiplicative thingy.

The only downside is I get ZERO boosts to Cooldown from either the mod or the relic.

A good Legenday Hunter and Bone Combo cools in 7 seconds versus the normal 10. Three seconds in this game is an eternity.

EVERTHING in this game is a tradeoff…

Yep. You have to decide what’s more important: DPS or survivability.

Since your discussions here got me back into Disturbed Stalker use, I’ve settled into that with a Bone, instead of Explosive or SB. The extra Deception + Kunai + Fastball + Kunai + Ambush is simply too good to ignore.

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arean’t you guys forgetting about one thing? +56% pistol fire rate!
If we’re talking damage per hit, explosive relic wins hands down; damage per second though: thats something else.
Can the +39% multiplicative bonus to explosive really overcome and additive 23,5% + 56% higher fire rate?

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Short answer is…surprisingly…yes.

Now I don’t have numbers to back it up but when I switched to the Explosive Damage Relic from a Sheriff’s Badge…With either a Stalker Com or a Chaotic Neutral Rogue (which already include HUGE boosts to FR)

I was killing things QUICKER…no question. AND using a LOT less ammo to do so.

And I think we went down this road a few years back and some smart guys actually ran the numbers and that multiplicative bonus is just…BIG.

I know…I was surprised too…

Looking at the formula, it’s not really surprising.
I guess I’ll have to keep the next explosive relic I find and try it out.

Torgue and Moxxi need to team up and make an explosive /healing weapon.

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well, The Creamer fits your dream a part the fact that it’s not Torgue.

I’ve been loving your posts here @johnrr6 and I love that you playtest to reach your conclusions!!!

What I think is kind of revealing is that Zer0 does REALLY well with explosive weapons
Except for snipers…

Buuuuut…a good Seeker can kind of double as a sniper/AR…with a HUGE ammo pool.

Downside is unlike a BoA…an Explosive Damage Relic has no additional Cooldown bonus.

A fact that I utterly lamented as an Explosive based Commando.

Sigh…if only there was an Explosive BoA

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A real gun. Not a launcher, they are powerhouses, but not standard use items.

Actually I could see it now…

You do some big quest for Moxxi, and in true Moxxi fashion:

*Torgue gave me this prototype a few years back, I hope you don’t mind I glitzed it up a bit. *

Double Penetrating Dirty Harriet
Rarity: Unique Torgue Pistol
Element: Explosive

Special Effect: "Double the pleasure, Double the fun!"
Fires 2 horizontal spreads of 5 (10 total) shots at the cost of 4 ammo. Heals the weilder 6.9% of all damage done.


hahahah, I actually checked the wiki before posting but I only looked at the line “The Creamer uses Maliwan rocket launcher barrel.” and read “the Creamer is a Maliwan rocket launcher”.

It seemed kind of strange an explosive Maliwan weapon…
Sorry Mr. Torgue