Better DPS......DPUH + Sheriff's Badge...or DPUH + Explosive Damage Relic

Sorry i’m late

@Nisciunu hits it on the head
Most of the time, the Sheriff’s badge will be better since a fire rate boost is essentially the same as a multiplicative damage boost (since it multiplies the number of shots you take… if that makes sense)

The only times where this is not the case are
1: when you already have a lot of additive fire rate bonuses from other sources
2: when you REALLY care about conserving ammo

It IS Torgue :wink:


I think you nailed it with those two reasons chuck.

I was using a Chaotic Neutral or a Stalker mod…both with BIG FR boosts
And the Chaotic Neutral ups TwoFang to 10/5 or 11/5
And My BAR FR is close to 23%

Now add the Sheriff’s Badge to it and yes it is FUN and yes it turns the DPUH into a HOSE!

But it’s a hose that you literally cannot aim very well…the gun is jumping all over the place AND you go through your ammo like no tomorrow…very inefficient and HARD to get crits.

So…for me…I was actually killing QUICKER and with far less ammo usage with an Explosive Damage Relic which also has synergism with a SwordSplosion and a Seeker. Especially if I am not going down the Sniper tree very far. And the Seeker is fantastic in this quasi substitue sniper role which does not need all the sniper bonuses… Who cares if it can’t Crit…that is NOT it’s role.

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