Better ending [IMO] for your consideration (Spoilers)

I loved every minute of the game except the last one. Given the significance of the Guidestone to the entire series, I can’t believe that we didn’t even get a glimpse of it. So, for your consideration, what I imagine would be the perfect ending:

Either the last scene, or after the credits

Caption: X Years/Months later

Mevath breaks through a bulkhead
Mevath: “This is Mevath Sagald; I’ve broken through. The chamber is mostly empty… a platform surrounding a stone tablet.”

Mevath brushes sand off of the Guidestone
“It looks like some kind of map… there’s a word here…”

Mevath runs her hand along the stone just next to the script
“Higara… Home.”


It perfectly ties into the intro of Homeworld 1, without giving anything away for new players. I’m just going to imagine that this is what happened. :wink:

EDIT As someone pointed out, Mevath Sagald discovers the Guidestone, so I fixed that

That. Sounds. Amazing. Brings me back to the days when this came out. :wink: I sound really old now. :stuck_out_tongue: