Better idea for tie breaker

Just teleport everyone into an arena. Revive/heal them, reset cooldowns, lock the doors and disable respawn. It’ll be over quickly. face-off already does this but in a bigger arena.


Only if I can change my team’s characters to Orks and then the other team to Dwarfs! ha

I do think you’re idea is interesting though, but it might be an odd fight depending on team makeups used to play whatever mode they were playing.

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Kind of turns team comps on their side doesnt it? You could try to build a comp that excels at team fights and try to hold out to the end.

That’s true.

I’m just imagining what happens when the only two left on each team are a Boldur and a Miko.

It will not end quickly.

Eh, as soon as a boldur lands a stun on a miko the miko will probably die.

Yeah, Boldur’s skill combo is more than enough to zero Miko.