Better matchmaking better BB day

Now I don’t want to come off as negative or seem bitter, I just want to say that if the match making was a bit better tuned this day would of been way better. I have my BB day guide title on and keep getting a good amount of low level people which is good as I want to introduce people into the game and share some advice but it’s pretty hard when we are getting paired against full lvl 100+ teams. I’m trying my best to keep people alive and keep them back so they won’t get constantly killed and discouraged as someone did in my first game today and decide to quit the game. Just worries me that the constant stomps are gonna drive new people away from the game. Anyone else having better matchmaking?

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Seems the usual mm rngesus. ive had pretty even matches all day being stomped once or twice. it felt like elo was on, but some others on discord are reporting stomps too.

so, i guess its the usual.

I’m about to play a few games, but my Friday experience was exactly that. My team would have 2-3 100s with 2-3 sub-20s, a lot of times they were sub-10s. Against 5 man 100s. I think maybe 4 matches in a row, I faced 5 man 100s. I really tried to help, but none of the matches were all too competitive, usually it was just a stomping, and they all were kind of frustrating. And I hate seeing low levels quit, bc they may never come back.

I really wish matchmaking would be addressed in some way. These weren’t premade groups, just a bunch of randoms.

End complaint. Had fun in PVE after.

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This has typically been my experience as well, but from the other point of view. I.e I’m on the team that stomps the beginners. It’s really discouraging because you know it’s not fair on any level, you don’t want them to quit the match (or the game in the long run) and it feels and probably comes off as really condescending if you start trying to lower your own performance by being inactive more, attack less or whatever have you.

I had a moment a few weeks ago where I went up against an Oscar Mike who was a painfully obvious beginner, probably someone who had started playing games for the first time overall. He struggled with basic controls and could barely move and rotate the camera at the same time. It’s a huge dilemma to me; should I treat him as anyone else and in that case just obliterate him, or should I just walk away and leave him alone and be what I’d consider to be “indirectly condescending”?

I’m sympathetic to the problem of matchmaking though. Either there’ll be really long queues and (somewhat) even games or quicker matchmaking with more unequal teams. It’s arguably just a balancing of the two.

your “Battleborn Day Guide” is displayed as “Community Gold” for others, just sayin

I don’t know if this will help but I think it might. This game needs a 5 people versus 5 bots mode. And new players should have to win a few of these matches before going into a regular 5v5.

I’ve been playing another moba called paragon and you have to either say you are experienced enough to skip the tutorial or you can only play against bots until you reach a certain level. I’d say restricting the noobs access to the versus bots game mode would teach them how to play and it would help the more experienced players too by not having a match full of bad players.