Better treatment for The Handsome Collection!

I put this post in general discussion because im talking for both XboxOne and PS4. This game has been out for four months on the new platforms and the hot fix after hot fix is not fixing the game. This is a great collection to have for the current gen systems, but is being very mistreated. The problems are getting worse and all gearbox people are saying is they are aware of the problems! Gearbox step up and handle this situation! I hear theres problems on BL2 but i dont play that game and cant talk about the issues. I can only bring up what I know about TPS. I am saying Both games in the Handsome Collection need major TLC. In TPS 3 of my 5 lvl 70 characters cant join into games, guns like The Lady Fist, The Heartbreaker , and that fully auto sniper rifle legendary are errored in the code or something so there is no way we can obtain the guns and im sure there is plenty more guns then that! Fix the problems on The Handsome Collection both BL2 and TPS. I know im not the only one with this problem and tired of seeing all the worthless hot fixes that arent fixing any major issues to the game we all clearly love playing. Dont quit bugging about the problems this game has so we can get them fixed. I paid good money for a good game and i got boned!!!

On the PS4:

I have no complaints with BL2. Played it for over a month strait without any issues and couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Now TPS is a hot mess. The crashing is ridiculous and I refuse to play it again until it’s fixed.

But its the same thing over and over. People write these comments saying they need to fix it. And they do eventually. You have to give them time. Yes theres issues for both games and im sure they are working on it. Im grateful they care and are constantly hotfixing it. And I know eventually a patch will come.

but i made this forum for that . thats one reason y we have forums to post issues. ill post as many as it takes till it gets fixed. i do appreciate ur opinion tho.

I haven’t played for a while, due to ESO being so much fun (despite being a bit buggy).

Last night though, I had a go on BL2 while the server maintenance for ESO was happening. I was, once again, BLOWN AWAY by the smoothness of the PS4 version of BL2. It’s basically flawless, for a console version of a game. Ended up staying on BL all night (and found an orange grenade in Dragon Keep that I’d never even heard of - this game never stops surprising me).

GBX did a wonderful job of porting it over to PS4/ONE. And they are still supporting it.

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They’ve been putting out a new hotfox almost every week, seems like they are working quite hard on it to me.


Frankly, I see these occasional posts, but personally haven’t encountered anything that I would consider to be a problem on BL2. I’ve played it on both PS3 and on PS4 since just after the launch, playing most days too.

I have also gone through a fair amount of TPS but stayed away for a while due to the comments about problems. During the few brief sessions I’ve played on it since though, I haven’t experienced any of the apparent screen tearing or other issues, and this includes playing MP too.

You’re right on TPS being a hot mess. Especially the DLC. All dialogue just started skipping so I missed out on all TK Baha’s dialogue. Then in the very first battle you have with Shadow Trap he stopped spawning which forced a reload.

I’ve never really noticed TPS issues because I’ll only play it for maybe an hour max each time and then go back to BL2. But last night I put about 5 hours and that’s when all the audio glitches started popping up at least.

Also, TPS isn’t nearly as bad as what everyone made out to be. Just sayin.

nah man tps is great i love it but it has major issues. everyone is talkin about bl2 being perfect and running smooth great awesome. im happy for u bl2 players. us tps players are being stepped on . i have over 700 hours on tps so i know what im saying and my friend @LivingItLazy aka noshine knows what im talking about. we want to enjoy our version of borderlands just like u bl2 players or am i asking for to much

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect TPS to be on par technically with BL2. I don’t how much of an effect 2K Australia not existing anymore would have on things though.

All kinds of audio issues in TPS (mostly claptastic voyage). Playing co-op last night, we started getting this aweful jarring/stuttering, right around the side-quest where the claptrap with two guns shoots himself. We also had to save/quit to get hope/despair to return to claptrap, and there was no BGM during the entire session in the DLC. Lots of bugs they have to work out.

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