Beware: Deande's clone doesn't take over flair

Tested it yesterday in the dojo. This is gamebreaking for Deande players (finding the real Deande is easy if you know the real Deande has huge horns) and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Can’t provide proof right now as I am at work.


Also heard (but haven’t confirmed yet) that accessories stay visible on cloaked characters. Would be bad for Pendles.

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Pleeeehh, I don’t care about that damn snake! :stuck_out_tongue:


can confirm, i really hope this gets fixed soon

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Yeah, i pinged the devs about it yesterday, but i don’t know if they read my post; i didn’t want to make a thread and alert everyone to it, haha…


Yeah not sure if this was ACTUALLY a good idea to throw out in public. But if more people give this problem attention they might fix it faster.

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Not that big of a deal imho that it has to be kept away from the public. Easy to avoid by not equipping those items and a whole different league compared to the zero cooldown on Rogues exploit not long ago.

Unless you wanted to hide it to stomp poor Deandes like me, which is just mean. :wink:

Which is kinda unfair to the Deande mains who want to play dress-up with the rest of us; i was trying to keep it hidden from the general public as long as possible, so that the Deande mains aren’t forced to avoid useful flair gear, like the Shard of Solus, just to prevent themselves from having a tactical disadvantage. Not a big deal in the long-run though, no…


I don’t really care that much tbh and still use what I want. :slight_smile:

Don’t play in a hyper competitive environment and don’t mind having a slight disadvantage because of that when I want a silly game. Find full disclosure better in this case so people aren’t surprised by it. :slight_smile:

Also, most people probably know to take a look at her eyes and don’t focus the red eyed version. :wink:

Honestly, doesn’t matter who cares and who doesn’t care. It’s gamebreaking thus it should be fixed.


Didn’t say it shouldn’t be fixed. It just won’t stop me using some of the pieces I have …

Didn’t say you should stop using it if you don’t want to either :stuck_out_tongue:


And for me I can’t get these damn horns off Deande’s head. Everytime I save my loadout with the non-flair piece it magically comes back. It is only for Deande’s pieces as well -.- so now I have no choice but to be Baker Deande or Goat Deande.

I suppose I could sell the pieces but I’m afraid something will screw up…

That’s cool. Me? I prefer this thing called “perspective”, where i can sympathize with things that others might not like, even though i myself don’t have a problem with it. For example, i have NEVER played Deande. Not once. Yet, i can also view this flair issue from the perspective of Deande mains who might dislike having a harder time of things because of the glitch/oversight giving others an unfair advantage over them when they use flair. :slight_smile:

That’s where “perspective” comes in again. I can see things from your point of view; yet i can ALSO see things from the point of view of players who DO play competitively, and who are no more and no less important. This issue hurts them, and it should be fixed. :slight_smile:

I can tell you from the perspective of someone who DOES play competitively, that one does not always have the chance to look at Deande’s eyes, which only face one way. However, one DOES get to see the sides and top of her head at all times, and so even with the most cursory of glances at these areas, one can tell whether or not they are aiming at a holotwin. :wink:

I wasn’t trying to say it shouldn’t get fixed. ;(

I was trying to say that I don’t think it’s an issue that has to be hidden from the public and that I like this thread here as a warning for others who might be surprised by being more recognizable in a game.

For me personally, it doesn’t matter. Others might have their match ruined by it. Threads like these avoid that this happens until it’s fixed.

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I can understand and respect that but, purely from a numbers perspective, the overwhelming majority of people who see this thread will not be Deande mains, and will now be aware of the issue, forcing Deande mains who may also have been unaware to avoid using a flair system they may like. I found out the second day of the match because the Deande i was fighting suddenly didn’t have her founder’s crown on, and i immediately let my friends who main Deande know. I then blurred a message to the Devs in a thread regarding flair, when i SHOULD have PM’d them. We don’t know when a fix for this will be incoming; it could be a month or longer, during which time all competitive Deande mains will be forced to avoid flair to not be at a disadvantage. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying this thread is a mistake on the OPs part; i’m just stating a fact: The majority of people who will learn about this flair glitch/oversight don’t main Deande.

Also, i should PROBABLY ping the devs again, so that one of them can acknowledge that they are aware of it. @Jythri, @JoeKGBX and @scottv, are you guys aware of and working on this?

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We’re aware of this thread and will be discussing it in some capacity. If there’s any news, we’ll let everyone know ASAP! :slight_smile:


Awesome; thank you!

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Oh really?
Wow. Can’t really think if I tried as Deande and ends up spotted because of the bug. And the item that I mostly used has flair and I can’t find the replacement for now too. Oops.

I’m sure anyone who has time to look at Deande’s flair in the heat of battle most certainly knows how to spot the clone anyway.