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Hey guys! Shameless advertisement here; I’ve opened up commissions! If you like my works, now you can have your very own piece! (Eventhough I’m mostly known for Battleborn art, sadly you can’t ask for those as they’re copyright protected.)

More information on this Tweet:


Does the no battleborn include custom characters/OC?

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It’s original content, your character is not copyrighted by Gearbox, so it’s good. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

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I will have to wait a couple weeks, but I am interested if you are open then

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I’ll be here!

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Hello people! Sorry that it has been so long, I’ve been busy around elsewhere, one of which was organizing the fourth community run Battleborn Day event (it’s right at our door step now!), including an art contest where I’m the head honcho – it’s still open till Sunday 6th midnight PDT, head over here if you want to take part!

So, hey!

Battleborn just turned TWO! :tada: In all honesty I wasn’t going to draw anything for the anniversary, in part because I didn’t think I could top last year’s, and in part because I felt running the event was enough, but well, it’s Battleborn for crying out loud – that magnificent game whose merits I can’t shut up about. So as it happened, already given up on doing a piece, four ****ing days before the second anniversary I get an idea that I want to draw. The guilt of NOT drawing anything for the game’s birthday celebration was too much and so I picked up a pencil and braced myself for a lot of work in a short time.

Last year the anniversary piece took me two weeks to complete, around 90-100 hours of work. Even if this new one looks similar, I’ve improved so much. I was able to do this piece in four days, maybe 30-40-ish hours of work. For that I did have to take some shortcuts, the most notable one being size. It doesn’t… really show on a screen, but the original size is just ~15 cm x 49 cm. (I’ve included a photo with a ruler on it as a reference below.)

It does look similar to last year’s, and that was one of the things holding me back on doing a piece – fear it would be too much alike. In the end, I really just wanted to do something for the sake of madly loving and appreciating this game, so I threw the concerns out of the window and decided to just have some fun.

This time the spotlight went to Miko. As much as I care for ISIC and would praise him at every turn possible, I gotta remember and respect the humble origins. Without Miko, I would have never picked up this game. I was captivated by their design and tried the beta just to get to know this character, despite having a crippling dislike to multiplayers and FPS’s. Miko was the change, the turn in line. Their appearance sowed the seed for something that I later realized was one of the best decisions in my life. A simple mushroom led to so many greater things.

So Miko is good and I love them very much. Being a healer they look after and nurture all the other Battleborn, the little saplings… Perhaps prepare them for the future.

Happy second anniversary Battleborn! My time with you has been nothing but a true joy, and I’m grateful to have met you, and through you, all the friends and incredible people around me. Through you I’ve grown and learned. You saw me through the good and the bad, but for the bad you gave me something remarkably special with which to fight it.

Thank you for giving me strength, love and joy, you delightful little digital wonder.

Click here for detail shots!

Click here for a photo with a size ref!



Deande being cheeky as always. Don’t think I missed that nice little detail.

Damn fine work Beya. This is a great piece.


Pendles must have taken ages!:wink: Great work!


I love all the tiny details, as well as Toby essentially drowning, haha. Awesome job, @beya!

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It’s six in the morning. My phone’s on 4%. Beya be uploading stuffs. I be hustling and busting to get to internet before phone dies. Like a man in a slow motion action sequence.

Beya, I gave you my phones life for this comment.

That is one kick ass shroom hard at work kicking ass. I rate 10.7 out of :banana:


A Battleborn original character, factionless/unaligned old man dragon Gaius. Commissioned by his creator, @TLKasteron. What a super fun looking dude to draw!

I can do commissions of your Battleborn OCs among other things if interested, check out my commission info here!


How much would it cost to get this image drawn:


Why would you need a drawn image of that? Just go outside on any given day and snap a photo across the street. Just be quick, else the camera will freeze over.



Because I live in North Dakota, which is a discount Canada that lacks timies.


I stand corrected.

Somebody get this person their drawing!


We might be neighbors soon, eh? Bwuhahaha! Cam move to either Idaho, Montana or North Dakota in couple years!

Why Idaho? its boring here.

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Because it’s gorgeous, quiet, has the loosest gun laws, one of the lowest crime rates, is cheap to live in compared to many other states, etc. I’ve always hated Illinois and city/suburb life. You can’t hear yourself think, people treat each other like garbage, YOU SIT IN TRAFFIC FOR HOURS NEARLY EVERY DAMN DAY, AND-

Clears throat.

Sorry… Anyways, thems be my reasons…


fair enough


Please keep the thread on topic…