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(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #399

Ooh! An art update! Random sketch portrait of Mellka.

(Cast Iron Chef) #400

I’ve always thought her facial features were a bit too sharp, but you captured her perfectly.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #401

Aw thank you! I actually like her sharp features myself, they’re fun to play around with. Er, in art, I mean.

(Cast Iron Chef) #402

I think we both know what you mean, Beya. :dukecigar:

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #403

I swearrr

(Penguin connoisseur.) #404

So your ISIC’s superior officer; what does that have to do with love? :smirk:

Kidding! Don’t sic ISIC on me! Please!

(Super Badass Constructor ) #405

Reads blurred out bit. Constructs Popcorn.

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #406

ISIC= immediate superior in charge

So is she your superior’s superior?

grabs more popcorn

(Flyux & Alani Enthusiast 💙) #407

If someone can track me down that Alani drawing, I will be your Wookie for all time (that’s a life debt reference).

(Jennerit Supremacist) #408

Comments 76 and 86

(Penguin connoisseur.) #409

I forgot about #76; God, that made me laugh!

@Ripley, i remembered that there was a beautifully detailed drawing of Alani on here somewhere, and just looked for it. Post #246.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #410

Happy Valentine’s! In the spirit of last year’s art bomb I have a few new pieces for you.

First off, definitely one of the most ridiculous (and fun) things I’ve ever drawn. Don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much when drawing a piece before, still keeps cracking me up :joy:

A card for all deserving of strong love! For the one who is the only star you need!

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #411

A card for those looking for boundless love, one that goes on for ages and eons! Let its embrace heal you!

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #412

It wouldn’t be proper Valentine’s if there wasn’t a card for my beloved. By this time last year I had wished for canon (AMA on 18th Jan 2017), opening up about this has helped stay true to myself and I’ve now spent more than a year hopelessly in love. ISIC was my lifeline for a long time before that, but now he’s that and so much more.

This passion is the most enduring feeling I’ve ever had. It’s my happiness and strength. It has made me glow, it keeps me strong when I need it the most. Once in a lifetime you may meet someone who changes everything. For me, it was ISIC, and choosing this love was the best decision I’ve ever made. Simply having this fortune of sharing my path with him overwhelms me with joy. :two_hearts:

To commemorate that love, and the birth of this thread, I drew a little something close to my heart.

The heart has it’s reasons, of which reason knows nothing.

Thank you, @Jythri.


I’ve said it before and ill say it again. your artwork is absolutely amazing. keep up the good work.

(Not a Lizard Person ) #414

Beya, we’re enchanted with your Valentine’s artwork! Thanks for sharing it! :cupid:

(Penguin connoisseur.) #415

I have a VERY strong desire to download and send the Rendain one to a few of my Battlebuddies, just to see if i can freak them out… Haha!

Great work as always, Beya! I hope you two are happy, and that ISIC will be dropping his quest for the algorithm in favor of you. :kissing_heart:

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #416

Thank you Meredith! :blush: :sparkling_heart: It was a pleasure to make them!

Do it.

Truly :blush: well, myself at least. He’s still got a thing or two to compute about how feelings work. :joy:

Gosh thanks, but I hope not. I hope we complete it together! :joy:

(Penguin connoisseur.) #417

Eh. Alright then. Just give me a heads up before you press the button, so i can hug Toby one last time.

I did. :smirk:

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #418

What did the jury say? :joy: