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I just checked, and didn’t get a response yet on PSN, which makes me-

(Orendi voice):

We are supposed to play tonight, so i’ll ask them then, at the latest… :unamused:

One said “Cyoot…!”

It would appear that I’M The one who got freaked out, haha! What a tweest!

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(lowlines - PS4) #421

Kid Ultra Meme
When you tell everyone you are helping and no one believes you.

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This is a good report. You deserve a gold star :star:

(Augustus Benedict) #424

“Is this redeemable for a golden rocket launcher…or rocket…or both?”

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #425

Collect 5 to craft your redeemable token for one (1) golden rocket. (This ad is sponsored by the L.L.C.)

(Augustus Benedict) #426

-Yells to @HandsomeCam

“Toby if there was ever, EVER, a time for you not to be such a flightless little bird, it’d be now. I NEED you to make about three thousand more of those stars the murder calculator needs. I need those rockets.”

(Penguin connoisseur.) #427

Umm… I-I could just make the rockets…! I’ve gotten WAY better at making the primers, a-and there’s only a 10% chance that they’ll detonate prematurely!

(Cast Iron Chef) #428

This is a problem for you, isn’t it? Does Reyna know?

(Augustus Benedict) #429

“Just stick to what you’re good at Toby, being the Battleborn’s aborable mascot and making paper mache stars. Now get the flippers going. I NEED THEM GOLD ROCKETS!!”

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I believe there’s a thread just for roleplay guys if I could direct you there, please…

Continue there if you will.

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Sorry for my part in It, especially since i thought: “Hmm… If i respond so as not to be rude, is this going to turn into a thing…?”

I’m known for my looks and not my judgment calls, and you have my apologies. :sweat:

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My half of the art trade with @AtomicTesh aka Tentaprince aka Tesh aka How Is This Amazing Person Even Real. When the prize is a goddamn ISIC plush I had to give them a worthy piece back! Pictured are Tesh’s fan character T’Mara the Rogue with Pendles… they’ve been up to some trouble I think.

Loved working on this one. Thanks so much for the trade!

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Plays the Indiana Jones theme.

(Deandes in crime ) #434

An isic plus? How? Long ago me and @Phoenix-2613 were talking about starting a line of Holotwin plushies…

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Got a silly idea that I started sketching out to make myself feel better. The final diagnosis is that beya is a jackass who went full ham on what was supposed to be a quick piece. She also propbably shouldn’t be up there.

I drew ISIC’s head freeform this time to give him a bit more expression. I think it came out great lol

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Hey guys! Shameless advertisement here; I’ve opened up commissions! If you like my works, now you can have your very own piece! (Eventhough I’m mostly known for Battleborn art, sadly you can’t ask for those as they’re copyright protected.)

More information on this Tweet:

(Augustus Benedict) #437

Does the no battleborn include custom characters/OC?

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #438

It’s original content, your character is not copyrighted by Gearbox, so it’s good. Send me a PM if you’re interested.