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Aye, the motive to draw alternative skins for Battleborn characters appear to begin and I haven’t even started putting my ideas on paper yet… :sweat_smile:

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i would play ISIC just to use that if it was a skin


I’m just gonna casually cross-post my first proper Borderlands fanart here, go take a look :wink: Possibly if I make more BL art I’ll just update this thread:


WHat is this heresy? You don’t NEED a reason to play ISIC!


My reason for not playing as ISIC is that doing so would require me to not play Toby for at least one match, and that’s just unacceptable.


Happy Brolidays to all bros, sister bros and non-bronaries! I joined the Battleborn Secret Santa exchange and did a piece for Kait-a-tater-tot who wished for Caldarius, Kid Ultra or Oscar Mike, but I drew all three! (Although drawing Caldy makes me want to cry.)



Hey darlings! It’s my second favorite day of the year (right after Canon™ day) and I made this silly and cute comic to celebrate :blush: :robot: :kiss:

All of my love for him :sparkling_heart:

I get startled easily ok

Thanks to Jim for ideas! :smile: I tried to do something different with the materials but it still ended up looking like watercolor haha. Drawn and inked on paper, colored in Krita and lil’ bit of Photoshop in the mix.


Sorry that I don’t have much to show, all of my time currently goes into school and shifting through all of Borderlands. Here’s a complimentary Whiskey Foxtrot doodle that came out pretty nicely, though!


Once upon a time (6 days ago) Randy Varnell dropped not-so-subtle hint that I should draw ISIC and Claptrap hanging out. So I did! Mixing Battleborn’s and Borderlands’ styles in the same picture was something I wanted to attempt, I had to take extra care to stay faithful to the games’ styles, so in the end it took about 5 whole days to finish because of the amount of detail :joy:

Done with watercolors, as usual! :sparkling_heart:


Don’t think you should have given that to ISIC, Claptrap!

EDIT: Adding some details shots for the painting because why not (also because ohgodwhy). Also the original is roughly the size of an A4.

Click here!






Hiya folks, I got a request for Beatrix a while ago but stuff has kept me busy and I only just got it done! It was pretty fun to do, but gosh darn that syringe! Jennerits, why are you like that.


HEY FELLAS mods please don’t snipe me oh god i swear this is on purpose

Well uh, time passes just like that, huh? While school was definitely one of the big reasons why I stopped updating this thread, Battleborn – as much as it pains me to say – just got less relevant as I was simply forced to move on. You have no idea of how much I’ve truly missed the heydays when I used to update this thread regularly, the fantastic time spent with the game and the community. Playing Battleborn all day and drawing fanart all night was a simpler time. It’s taken a lot out of me to be okay with all of that being in the past. That is not to say that Battleborn isn’t important anymore – it is like it has always been, and I still play it as long as there’s time left. I just had to shift my focus from the moment to the future, where, if we’re truly lucky, more Battleborn could happen. And in the meanwhile, I’ve taken up a little pet project that has kept me occupied for most of this year. Yes, it relates to Battleborn, and no, you can’t know any more of it at this time. :eyes: This project has really helped me move on while giving me something creative to do. Once it’s done I will be sharing it on this forum (unless everything gets nuked. hopefully not), but that can be a while. Just know that it will be worth the wait. :blush:

With that, ISIC and I shall bid you farewell and leave you with this silly little clip I did back in May when @lowlines was working on his Battleborn character viewer. Never has a line been more accurate.

See you on the other side folks, and thank you for all the memories :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


Haha. Kleese’s bones are definitely all working properly now though! :joy: